The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how companies operate. Instead of going into the office every day, holding meetings, and working closely with your employees, everyone is working from home. 

While hosting meetings with your team online allows you to see everyone and your team can use technology to work together on projects, working remotely just isn’t the same as being together in the same space.

COVID-19 has taken its toll on the economy, families, and companies. It won’t last forever, though. Eventually, you and your employees will be able to return to the office. But even as things begin to return to normal, they might not feel quite like they used to. Hosting corporate events and team building off-site will be especially important for helping your team get back into the groove.

Improve Company Morale

Returning to the office after working from home for so long will be an adjustment for your employees. It will likely take some time for everyone to find their flow again. After everything that has happened, morale is likely to be down. Your employees may feel stressed and struggle to produce the same high-quality work they did before the pandemic. 

Taking your team on a retreat to a gorgeous location like Pursell Farms is the perfect way to reignite the excitement your employees once had. Team building activities can help to rebuild company morale and enable your employees to reflect and improve themselves. 

Boost Motivation

Working from home, your employees may have grown accustomed to doing things their own way. They’ve had to make some major adjustments as they navigated doing their jobs while educating their kids and ensuring their families stayed safe. 

Coming back to the office, your team may not have the same motivation. Bringing your team to an off-site location allows you to restore your team’s motivation. When employees succeed during team-building activities, they feel good about themselves. Their self-confidence increases. The momentum they build during the retreat goes back to the office with them. Greater motivation and confidence lead to greater productivity, which can help your company get back on track. 

Where Should You Have Your Next Corporate Retreat?

Provide Positive Reinforcement

While you might know that your employees are doing a great job, do they know it? With everything that’s been going on, your team members might feel as though their efforts went unnoticed or unappreciated. 

Once things start to settle down from COVID and everyone is able to start going back to the office, hosting off-site corporate events will give you a chance to show your team just how much their hard work means to you. At Pursell Farms, your team can get pampered at our rejuvenating spa. They can relax on the golf course or participate in one of our exciting activities, such as horseback riding or our ORVIS Sporting Adventures. 

We also provide ample activities that can be used for team building. Your employees can take the greens for a short-game competition, shoot clays, take part in a cook-off, or take part in a poker run around the farm. You can incorporate recognition and positive reinforcement, enabling you to impress the importance of your company values and what they mean for the success of your business. We can work with your meeting planner to organize the perfect getaway for your team. 

Bring Your Team Together

It’s been a while since your team has seen each other face-to-face. Talking to one another online just isn’t the same as physically being together in the same space. 

An off-site meeting enables your employees to reconnect with one another and renew their bonds in a stress-free environment. They can open up without the stresses of a professional setting. Team building helps to boost their collaboration, getting them to work together cohesively again. Giving them a chance to reconnect in this manner better equips them to start working together once again in the office.


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Companies may have had to adjust to continue operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, but those changes won’t last forever. Off-site meetings and team-building activities help to bring your employees back together and enable them to get reacquainted with one another. They boost morale and provide the motivation your team needs to get your company back where it needs to be. 

For all of your corporate event needs, Pursell Farms is here to help. Our gorgeous grounds, spacious meeting rooms, and a wide variety of activities provide the perfect setting for bringing your team closer together. For more information, contact us today!  

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