‘Tis the season to be shopping for the golfer in your life, but chances are, if said golfer is a die-hard golf fan, then they’re going to be hard to shop for… Not necessarily because they’re persnickety, but because any golfer worth their salt is already going to have all the best golfing accessories for supreme game play. It just comes with the territory.

Instead of allowing this golfing conundrum to make you blue, think of it as a challenge accepted! The fact is, there is more to life on the golf course than a set of clubs and the right golfing shoes. The best golf-related gifts this holiday season embrace that certain je ne sais quoi of golf. They’re the kind of golf gifts that even golfers themselves don’t know they need until they get them.

And boy, do we have quite the list of those for you in this holiday gift guide for golfers.

Must-Have Golf Gifts for Your Golfer This Christmas

1. Monogrammed Golf Towel and Gloves

In the age of Etsy and other bespoke gift sites, it’s truly possible to find a one-of-a-kind gift. It’s also likely items like monogrammed golf towels, gloves, and other personalized gifts aren’t the kind of thing that the golfer in your life will buy for themselves.

The coolest items in this category of golf gifts come with some very sweet features, like embroidered images of golf clubs, in the case of the towel, and slots for extra golf tees, in the case of the gloves. These make great personalized golf gifts!

2. Perfect Putting Mat

There’s no arguing that the best golf practice experience you can have will happen on one of the many golf courses in the southeast. But there’s also no arguing the fact that there’s some amazing tech that will keep your golfer in tiptop form until they can take a golf trip to their dream golf destination.

Enter the Perfect Putting Mat. Created by the folks at the PGA Superstore, this putting mat is almost 10 feet long and was created in collaboration with A-List golf coaches and top tour players.

It’s the perfect tide-me-over until your favorite golfer can play for real at their destination golf vacation.

3. Approach S60 GPS Golf Watch

We admit it. The Approach S60 GPS Watch is the kind of watch we imagine James Bond wearing in a future Bond flick. It’s just that cool.

It comes equipped with access to over 40,000 golf courses, including full-course maps and previews. It also gives golfers an at-a-glance look at the yardage of shots at different distances. And golfers can get a heads up when they get a text, calls, and more. These features and the QuickFit bands mean that your favorite golfer will always look stylin’ on the course and off.

4. Short Par 4 Subscription Box

When in doubt, get a golf subscription box. Short Par 4 offers a variety of different subscription boxes that are delivered to your golfer’s door each month. Each offers a variety of different golf accessories that guarantee your favorite golfer will look great on the golf course.

With names like Ralph Lauren and Greyson, and even options for personalized fashions with some subscriptions, it’s no exaggeration to say that your golfer may want to wait to make that golf trip packing list until after the first subscription box arrives!

5. After Hours Refreshments

This one’s a twofer… That is, two recommendations, one category. For many golfers, the elusive 19th hole is that space between the golf course and home. It’s where golfers tell tall tales about golf trips long past accompanied by a good stout glass of liquid refreshment.

If the 19th hole is at your house (or the home of your favorite golfer), then it’s best to make sure that the watering hole is well stocked.

That’s where golf ball whiskey chillers and a golf decanter set come in handy. These two gifts ensure that your favorite golfer feels refreshed after a long day of play. All the better if they share the experience with their golfing friends.

6. Stay and Play Golf Package

Of course, for the ardent golfer, total immersion into golf for a week or two at a time is the ultimate golf gift this holiday season. Stay and play packages offer more than just an opportunity to have an overnighter at your favorite golf destination, though that’s definitely a perk.

Many golf courses in the southeast offer holiday extravaganzas that make leaving home for the holidays the most excellent idea all year.

These holiday packages usually include activities like these.

  • One-on-one time with world-class chefs
  • Wagon rides through the woods
  • Hot cocoa and fireside chats with other ardent golfers
  • S’mores at the fire pit each night
  • On-site entertainment
  • Wooded walks through the crisp winter air
  • And naturally, plenty of tee time!

Stay and play golf packages also usually include the

  • Price of accommodation
  • Use of a golf cart
  • Access to practice facilities
  • Time at the driving range
  • And more!

Final Thoughts on the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time for you to start thinking about the gifts you want to give your favorite golfer this holiday season. From James Bond-worthy watches to stay and play golf packages for the whole crew, there’s something on this list that’s sure to make your favorite golfing buddy feels loved and appreciated this holiday season.

If you’d like to learn more about how to book a stay and play golf package at our Alabama golf course, then reach out to us today for a quote! We’d love to be a part of your holiday surprise.

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