There are no do-overs to tossing your bouquet. 

Photographs are integrally tied to our memories — and done right, they evoke senses far beyond just the visual. After all, your wedding photos don’t just document the day itself. They compose a narrative of your experience as a couple, and talented photographers inspire and direct this creation. 

We have incredible talent here in Birmingham, AL, so whether you are toasting your day with us at Pursell Farms or jetting off to your own destination, these photographers will bring something special to your wedding experience.  


So what sets our wedding photographers in Birmingham apart?

They feel like a friend

Good photographers immediately have a rapport with your guests to ensure their energy flows right through the frame. They’re also natural empaths and take the time to understand you as a couple, the story that is begging to be told, and the style that makes you sparkle. But they’re also flexible – these photographers are pros, never adding to your pre-wedding stress but serve to facilitate your vision. Need to reschedule a meeting? No problem. Lacking inspiration? They’ll be your go-to sounding board. With these photographers, their value for money goes far beyond their skill with a camera. 

They identify and amplify your style

Talented photographers have personality in their work. Their Instagram feeds inspire, reframing even the most traditional moments in ways we’d never think, providing a natural narrative. Your personal style may favor the more traditional and formal, natural elements, or inspire adventure and modernity. Finding that perfect pairing will have you re-living the romance and excitement as your years together progress.

Their creativity is limitless

These photographers never miss a shot — they have the eye for moments that would otherwise be overlooked. But they are also daring. They interact not just with your guests but with the intangible features that can take a photo from “beautiful” to “wow.” Lighting, setting, movement, weather, music — expert creatives can manipulate these elements in subtle ways to add a dramatic dimension to each and every print. 

We know it’s crucial to find that balance of talent, flexibility, and value for money, so we’re here to help you, sharing our favorites from the years of celebrating many wedding days in Hamilton Place. 

Be Light Photography

Be Light Photography - Best Wedding Photographers - Birmingham

Regulars to Pursell Farms, this small team of dedicated artists define visual storytelling; no moment goes unnoticed. They have a romantic, bright, timeless style that’s expertly accommodating and personalized. Past couples wax on about their trustworthy nature and easygoing demeanor, adding a gloss to the planning process — and they come with a gift for pulling the light out of even the most camera-shy. 

Rachel and Noah Ray Photography

This power couple found their passion in 2014 and have been the right hands to couples ever since. From set-up to last dance, their work captures those spontaneous moments with imaginative framing and angles that feel natural, so you re-live that moment again and again. They inject playfulness into their content, focusing on natural light, movement, and detail that adds a whimsical panache.

Leslie Hollingsworth Photography

Leslie Hollingsworth Photography - Best Wedding Photographers - Birmingham

Like all photographers, Leslie has her own style, but her portfolio demonstrates just how well she matches it to frame different personalities. Her lifestyle approach is gimmick-free, centered around what is most cherished to you. Expect one-on-one attention, vision boards, and inspiration throughout your wedding planning process, and see how this creativity converts with every click of her shutter.

Alisha Crossley Photography

Alisha Crossley Photography - Best Wedding Photographers - Birmingham

Alisha and her husband Patrick have been champions of the intricate balance behind a photograph for more than a decade. Together they apply a style that is bold yet class with artistry and engineering, creativity and technical prowess — and for these experienced storytellers, the arc all comes together in the novella that is your gallery. 

Kim Box Photography

Kim Box Photography - Best Wedding Photographers - Birmingham

This team of devoted artisans curates your personality and draws precisely what pulls at your heartstrings. Inspired by natural elements and a minimalist focus, their style is simple, clean, and genuine — so that your radiance shines through. 

Photos By Heart

Photos by Heart Photography - Best Wedding Photographers - Birmingham

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Haley has immersed herself in the visual arts for years, now bringing that raw natural talent behind the lens. She’s developed a strong eye for her favorite power duo — lighting and color — and creates entire narratives through her work inspired by the day’s intangibles at play. Elements like time and space, raw interactions, and candid emotion all personify right on paper. 

Eric and Jamie Gay

Eric & Jamie Gay Photography - Best Wedding Photographers - Birmingham

This fun and creative husband-wife duo are crazy about love. They believe in the power of family, not just those in attendance but the generations to come — and see the wedding gallery as the first heirloom in your marriage. From the moment they meet you, they’ve got their eyes trained for emotion in its purest form and tweaked their approach to celebrate yours — be it raw and emotional, tender and sweet, or playful and flirtatious.

Lauren Bailey Photo

Lauren Bailey Photography - Best Wedding Photographers - Birmingham

Lauren’s photos radiate joy. Celebration just leaps out of 2D — and she spends the time with you as a couple and on your day to understand what makes you light up. Couples highlight her playful personality that puts guests at ease, making photography a fun and seamless part of your celebration. 

Now that you’ve maybe found your photographer, find a venue full of gorgeous views that will make incredible photos. Consider Pursell Farms for your dream luxury wedding with a dash of southern charm.

Your Dream Wedding Awaits...request a proposal today.

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