Ultimate Guide to Planning a Luxurious Southern Destination Wedding

Southern destination weddings offer the best of everything for the bride, groom, and their guests. Warm weather and beautiful scenery make Alabama a great place to schedule a ceremony– even outdoor vow exchanges or receptions. Gracious resort staff shows you the true meaning of Southern hospitality and charm. Not to mention, the five-star cooking and fresh, seasonal ingredients will give home cooking a whole new meaning!

A southern destination wedding whisks you and your guests away to a fairy tale setting and the perfect background for the most romantic day of your life. It helps you and your family really get away from it all and really focus on what’s most important: the bride and the groom!

Why a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding brings together guests and wedding party members to a dream location. It allows guests and wedding members to connect and enjoy the location of the wedding in the days before and after the big event.

Many people know the business of a wedding can distract from what’s most important: the bride and groom and their new life as a family. A southern destination wedding allows you to slow down and savor the sweetness of the wedding.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and experience firsthand the simpler pace of life on the farm. Appreciate natural scenery like mountain ranges and lakes and see some of the most beautiful sunsets on planet Earth.

Focus on the Fine Things

A destination wedding lets you create the ultimate wedding experience for you and your loved ones. It can help you have the ideal setting for starting the rest of your life. Bring together all the elements you personally want and work with the professional hospitality team.

A Southern destination wedding pulls together all of the beautiful details that make this part of the world a unique and wonderful place. There are so many directions that your wedding can take, and it fits well to many different themes. A storybook wedding would be ideal in the lush, rolling green hills or majestic oak trees.

Create a picture-perfect farmhouse wedding, complete with an authentic barn! Host a rustic wedding with a sweet simplicity. From sophisticated to whimsical, there are so many ways to make a gorgeous southern destination wedding come to life. By choosing a destination wedding, you can explore different themes and ideas in a beautiful, romantic environment. Everyone will remember how gorgeous and well planned your wedding is.

Freedom & Flexibility

Guests and wedding party members can participate in planned events together and group activities. Also, visitors can also relax and unwind on their own time. This looks different for every person and your guests will appreciate the opportunity to take in some of the best elements that your Southern destination wedding has to offer.

You can give guests opportunities to enjoy themselves in a multitude of ways. Lead a group early morning hike or invite guests to a leisurely cocktail hour. You can also provide information or brochures on your most-recommended activities, like fishing or biking, to encourage guests to be more adventurous.

Reason for a Destination Wedding

There are so many reasons to dive into the trend of having a destination wedding. It helps your family and friends come together to celebrate you and your partner on your big day. A destination wedding is so much more than a ceremony, but it definitely includes one where you take center stage. First of all, the reception will be one that is down-to-earth and exquisite. Whether you have it outdoors (our recommendation) or inside, it will be a cozy and intimate celebration with room for up to 100 people.

Easy to Plan

Working with our skilled team of wedding planners makes it easy to have a wedding that will impress everyone. Although you can make vision boards to your heart’s content, there are actually so many small details involved in planning a wedding that you might not initially realize. With a destination wedding, every detail is well thought with your venue. 

One of a Kind

Your southern destination wedding will be unique and timeless. It’s a chance to showcase your fantastic taste and personality. You can create a fairy tale wedding and treat everyone you love to a unique experience. Having a destination wedding means that you will provide a unique experience that will be unlike anything that anyone has experienced.

A destination wedding is always a desire of many brides and grooms and bringing it to life in such a gorgeous setting is a dream come true.

Combine a Holiday and a Wedding

A destination wedding lets you have both a wedding and a vacation all in one. While you may choose to honeymoon elsewhere, you also can have your family and friends join in on the fun by participating in your destination wedding. When people make time off to join you at your destination wedding, they also can have a mini-vacation when seeing the sights and experiencing the exciting opportunities for a destination wedding.

No Drama

A destination wedding puts the spotlight on what’s important: the bride and the groom. When families come together for exciting events like weddings, sometimes there can be disagreements in the place, setting, or even about the food that is served. When you choose a destination wedding, you can have better control of most of the elements, and put the emphasis on the joy of your wedding.

Southern Wedding Traditions for Your Destination Wedding

Have an authentic Southern destination wedding experience by tying in a few of the best southern wedding traditions. Of course, if you come from a different culture or if you have family or religious traditions you want to incorporate, they are welcome. Brides and grooms in the South have a few of their own longstanding traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. Take a look at a few of them here and think about incorporating them into your wedding.

Southern Food

The south has a rich culinary tradition that people from all over the world can appreciate. They also know how to entertain, with many varieties of eating get-togethers a staple of the culture. For example, you may want to have group lunches. Lunches are a big part of the southern culinary tradition and you will appreciate all of the thought that goes into our carefully curated menus and settings. Think salads, snacks, teas, sandwiches, and more!

The lady’s luncheon is another southern tradition that you can incorporate into your destination events. Traditionally, it was for the bride and all of her female guests. However, you can make it a gender neutral event, if that better fits your wedding party. In modern weddings, this is a welcome twist, as many times families or friends could travel a great distance to want to spend time with each other.

Another type of southern eating tradition is the BBQ or the cookout. This is normally held in the morning to late afternoon or evening. It’s a leisurely get-together, sometimes by the pool, and normally held outdoors. Favorite food items in the cookout could be BBQ ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers. Don’t forget sides like relish, sweet potatoes, macaroni salad, or even jello.

Finally, brunch is always a favorite in the South, any time of year. It is a contemporary tradition that lets you unwind during the weekend and often enjoy the beautiful sunshine that the South has to offer. These brunches will have staples like waffles, grits, bacon, hashbrowns, eggs, and, of course, coffee or tea. 

Southern Dishes

Be sure to have some southern dishes for your guests to enjoy when enjoying your Southern destination wedding. While everyone has their own particular taste, fried chicken is always a favorite at nearly anytime. Also, the fresh seasonal ingredients available any time of year means that there can always be something delicious available in the kitchen.

Southern Music

The music playlist at the wedding can reflect the tastes of the area, as well as all of the favorite dance songs that will have you dancing all night long. Swifties might even want to have their first dance to one of Taylor’s magical hits. Or you can add some Southern rock and roll bands to your DJ setlist.

Bury the Bourbon

Before the big day, many people will say prayers together for there to be good weather and a happy ceremony. However, some brides and grooms will take it a step further to help to keep the sun shining on their wedding day.

The tradition of burying the bourbon starts with a bottle of whiskey or bourbon. The couple takes a shovel a month before the wedding and buries the bottle where they are supposed to say their vows. This is supposed to be a good luck charm to help them keep the clouds away. After the ceremony, the bride and the groom will dig up the bottle. They will then toast their good health and happy future together and share it among their guests.

Your Southern Destination Wedding

There are many reasons why a Southern destination wedding is a must-try. From fantastic scenery to unbelievable amenities and food, Pursell Farms is the top choice for an Alabama wedding of your dreams.

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