‌Girls begin fantasizing about their dream wedding before they enter high school. However, when they finally get engaged years down the road, they come to a realization — weddings are expensive.

Everyone knows wedding dresses can flaunt eye-popping price tags, but the cost of linens, silverware, furniture, and the wedding DJ is rarely considered. Thankfully, with a little creativity and elbow grease, that dream wedding can still be had at an affordable cost.

Having the kind of wedding your guests will be talking about for years while staying within budget starts with a simple concept — understand what you can rent versus what you should buy.

Yes, the prudent wedding planner knows the value of a quality rental. Don’t let your sentimentality get in the way. There’s still much you can buy — and make a level-headed list of things that you’ll be comfortable returning after the big event is all said and done.

What Should You Rent When You Throw a Wedding?

To get your juices flowing, here are a few items that should almost always fall into the rent category.


linen rental - alabama wedding

You’re never going to need two-dozen table cloths and runners again in your life. Additionally, linens are often outrageously expensive, and renting them is usually cheaper.

Throwing a wedding is a blast, but it’s also exhausting. Pressing and dry cleaning a bunch of clothes should be someone else’s job — not the bride’s. ‌

China, Silverware, and Glassware

Do you really want to be saddled with the burden of cleaning hundreds of forks, knives, champagne flutes, and vases? We highly recommend renting your utensils and glassware — because when you’re done, the rental company conveniently comes and picks all the rented material for you.


Wedding furniture is often themed and may not easily integrate into the style of your average home. Plus, there’s usually way too much of it to store. Also, you don’t want the hassle of moving around dozens of heavy furniture pieces after throwing a wedding.

There are furniture rental places all over, and many of them will send the furniture when you need it and haul it away when you’re done. Renting saves you time, money, and probably, low back pain.

Tenting, Lighting, Displays, and Stages

wedding tent rental - Birmingham

Displays and lights add a captivating aesthetic to your big day; tents and stages add a certain gravitas that many find appealing. But, they are of value after the big day is over? Minimal.

Don’t even pretend you’re going to need a 20-foot stage or a giant neon sign again in your life. There are many rental companies that’ll furnish you with accessories tailored specifically to your needs. When the wedding is over, just leave it for them to pick up.

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Local, Bonafide Birmingham Wedding Rental Superstars

Prop House

Prop House is a Birmingham wedding rental company with a delicious collection of furniture, décor, vases, decorative rugs, and more. They have styles to fit every taste and offer high-end styling services at affordable costs.

Brides will love the flexibility that Prop House offers, and the items can be rented hourly or weekly. The company also offers killer delivery and pickup services to save you time.

PRE Events 

Based in Birmingham, PRE Events is your one-stop shop for all things wedding rental. They have an amazingly vast assortment of chairs, linens, tables, and more. Heck, they even have outdoor patio heaters available for that fall nuptial.

PRE also provides tent rentals, including high peak tents, frame tents, clear top tents, pole tents, and tidewater tents.

Not sure where to start? Their ultra-helpful staff is happy to answer all your questions. They also offer delivery, pickup, and on-site setup services.

Décor to Adore

Décor to Adore is a Birmingham wedding rental company built on a customer-first philosophy and attention to detail. They offer a holistic catalog of wedding rental services — from delivery and pick up to styling assistance, they will even wash and press lines that you own!

You’ll be amazed by their extensive inventory of rental items, including furniture, tables, napkins, chair covers, and more.

The Take-Away

Remember, renting doesn’t mean you’re conceding any part of your vision. By renting, you’re simply making your dream wedding more affordable.

Rental service companies have experienced design and style experts to identify products that suit your taste. In fact, they can even provide inspiration for captivating concepts you might not have considered otherwise.

Wedding rentals not only make you’re wedding more affordable, and they also eliminate much of the work pre and post-wedding. They offer delivery, pick-up, and set-up services so you can focus on the fun of wedding planning. When the big day is over, you don’t have to think about hauling and storing items you’re never going to use again anyway.Your Dream Wedding Awaits...request a proposal today.

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