Whether it’s a weekend getaway with your golf buddies or a family vacation where you’re trying to keep the whole crew happy, golf vacations can be exactly what you need. Choosing the right golf vacation package can be tough and the actual planning of the trip can be even harder. Let’s start there.  

Planning Your Golf Vacation

There are so many options for golf vacations, especially stay-and-play golf packages. Now that you’ve decided what type of vacation you want, here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Plan your trip months in advance.
  2. Assign a leader to make decisions.
  3. Coordinate with the group regarding the budget.
  4. Offer up available dates to the group.
  5. Research various packages, weather, and available properties.
  6. Choose which resort works best for the entire group.

Plan Ahead

Some of the most beautiful golf courses require booking ahead several months. Therefore, it’s helpful – though not necessarily essential – to plan your trip at least six months to a year before you want to travel.

Finalize Your Group

Get a group text or email together with all interested people. Then designate a decision-maker within the group so you don’t spend time circling around easy decisions.

Decide on a Budget

There’s no one standard approach to a budget on a golf trip. Some people are big spenders, and some are penny pinchers. The trick is to find a balance in how much you spend so that everyone is happy.

Coordinate Dates

Once everyone agrees on a budget, you need to find potential dates. This discussion might be more complicated than the budget conversation. But hopefully, if planned early enough, there will be fewer scheduling conflicts among your group.

Research Venues

Once you’ve got possible dates, it’s time to research venues available during your dates. It’s important to note the potential weather when exploring, as some golf courses close during the winter months.

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Choosing a Golf Vacation Package

The most challenging part of the process is choosing a golf vacation package that works for the entire group.

A few things are essential when choosing a golf vacation package:

  • Great golf course
  • Comfortable and convenient lodging
  • Additional recreational activities
  • Excellent food
  • Beautiful location


Great Golf Course

A great golf vacation starts with a great golf course. A great golf course should have reasonable challenges, but not enough to make golf unenjoyable. Golf courses should be difficult enough to encourage players to utilize new skills, but not so much that it discourages players from trying out the sport.

When choosing the best golf course, you need to consider the variety of holes. A great golf course has a variety of long (ones that take time), short (ones where accuracy is vital), and straight holes with the option to play in different directions.

Various factors such as drainage, slopes, bunkers, and water hazards determine whether a course can deliver the ultimate experience that most players desire.

A great golf course should also have a practice facility and a pro shop with equipment for all skill levels.

Even if the course is beautiful, it also needs to be well-maintained. If the course isn’t well-maintained, it can ruin the whole experience for players.

Comfortable and Convenient Lodging

While golf is the main highlight of a golf vacation, lodging is essential too. No matter what accommodation you choose, it’s nice to access the course quickly. Stay-and-Play golf packages provide a convenient option for players.

In addition, many golfers prefer to be in a shared space (like a house or cottage) for continued quality time beyond the course. Downtime creates some of the best moments of a golf trip.


Additional Recreational Activities

Many golf destinations strictly offer golf. Therefore, you should consider a stay-and-play if you’re looking for different activities outside of golf.

Many golf resorts in the southeast have beautiful resort-style pools and hot tubs for cooling down and relaxing after a hot day on the course.

Some resorts offer a dedicated fitness room or hiking trails for those who want to stay in shape while on vacation. In addition, some offer activities such as: 

  • Fly fishing
  • Hunting
  • Pickleball
  • Tennis
  • Archery
  • Ax-Throwing
  • Star-gazing
  • Clay shooting

Lastly, some resorts go further with full-service spas, yoga classes, and shopping. These options are fantastic if your group has members who don’t want to play golf for the entire duration of your stay.

Excellent Food

It is crucial to stay somewhere that has various dining options. Your group may want a hamburger and a cold beer after a round of golf. However, there might be a celebration (someone’s birthday, bachelor party, IPO celebration) warranting a more fine-dining experience. Therefore, having a range of excellent dining options is crucial.

Beautiful Location

It seems pretty obvious to say that the location of a golf resort should be beautiful. After all, a beautiful site is everything. Golfers get to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery while they are out on the course playing golf. You might see some beautiful mountains or a serene lake. It’s a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. One thing to watch out for, however, is wildlife. A golf course in Florida may present you with unwanted alligators watching you tee off.


Why You Should Book Your Golf Vacation With Pursell Farms

Pursell Farms can help you make the right choice. Our property is on 3200 acres, just an hour outside Birmingham, Alabama. It’s at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains with gorgeous views no matter where you are on our property.

Pursell Farms offers various Stay and Play packages to meet the needs of your group.  Our signature packages include overnight accommodations in either a cabin or cottage on Master Row or in the picturesque 8 bedroom Parker Lodge with personal golf carts to be used during your stay.  Golfers with these packages get to enjoy unlimited use of the practice facility and all-the-balls-you-can-hit on the driving range. 

Please tell us about your group’s stay and play wishes. We’re here to help you plan a memorable golf trip.

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