Corporate retreats can make a huge impact on employee morale and overall productivity at work. While these events have always been helpful for both employers and their employees, the recent surge of remote and hybrid work schedules makes corporate retreats a necessity rather than a luxury. Many employees feel slightly isolated or even lonely working from home, even if they come into the office occasionally.

A company retreat gives employees a chance to interact and form relationships they might not have in the typical office or remote setup. These hybrid or remote team meetups ensure employees feel connected, both to each other and to the company and its goals.

But how can you ensure the success of your event? First, focus on the corporate retreat location.

What makes a corporate retreat location great?

When you’re performing your company’s annual planning, it’s important to pay special attention to the location of your corporate retreats. This is especially true when planning events for your hybrid or remote team.


Look for a location that’s quiet. The ideal location offers plenty of solitude and a chance for employees to feel removed from the hustle and bustle of the workplace. A corporate retreat is a work event, of course, but it shouldn’t feel like the same daily grind.


Of course, you shouldn’t book a setting that’s too remote either. People are more likely to attend and enjoy the event if there are plenty of nearby restaurants, shopping districts, and other activities to enjoy. Most corporate retreats include plenty of team-building exercises and seminars, but there should also be plenty of downtime for exploring the area individually.


Lodging is probably the most important consideration. Guests will expect comfortable rooms with plenty of amenities. A cozy, laid-back atmosphere is also helpful. Remember – even though a corporate retreat is technically a work event, the word “retreat” suggests a relaxing, inviting location. Look for plush, luxurious linens and plenty of room for guests to unwind in a private setting after the day’s events.

Food & Dining

If the destination is fairly remote, there should be plenty of onsite dining options. Ideally, guests will find offsite restaurants nearby, too.

Look for a variety of cuisines and remember that some attendees may have dietary restrictions or allergies. Make sure the corporate retreat location is able to meet the needs of all of your guests.


Besides food and comfort, your team will also appreciate a variety of activities like golf, hiking trails, and recreational areas. Look for a location with plenty of opportunities for employees to explore the area and enjoy themselves during their downtime. The more activities, the better. With plenty to see and do, your team is sure to enjoy themselves.

Meeting Areas

Of course, the primary goal of a corporate retreat is to boost morale and encourage employees to get to know one another on a more personal level. You’ll need meeting areas to help the event feel more intimate and inviting.

Try to find a corporate retreat location with unique meeting spaces. While many hotels offer conference centers, these rooms often feel bare or too formal. Guests may also tire of seeing the same space each day, so opt for a destination that has multiple meeting areas so you can change things up as needed.

Where Should You Have Your Next Corporate Retreat?

Host Your Corporate Retreat at Pursell Farms

Pursell Farms is located in Sylacauga, Alabama, and offers plenty of space for your next corporate retreat. We have a variety of accommodations, including the inn as well as cottages and cabins. Each room is tastefully decorated with traditional and elegant decor and amenities.

We have several onsite dining options, with everything from pub food to more upscale dining.

Guests also rave about the activities we offer at Pursell Farms. Adventurous attendees will appreciate our recreation areas, and nearly everyone enjoys our spa. We also offer yoga, a history tour, a UTV experience, and more.

Pursell Farms is also known for our gorgeous golf course with historical markers throughout. You can book a tee time online at your convenience.

If you’re actively planning your annual corporate event or need help with your company production ideation, please give us a call. You can request a proposal online or call 256.208.7600 to discuss the details, get ideas, and book your event now.
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