An outdoor wedding is a popular choice because nature is brimming with romance. Clouds race across the sky, trees create a leafy bower, and shafts of sunlight beam on your special day.

‌These dramatic backdrops — along with the plush lawn under your feet — do require planning to pull off. But outdoor weddings are a popular choice: 60% of receptions are fully or partially outside.

The Average Cost of an Alabama Wedding‌

With an outdoor wedding, you can save money on renting indoor space. Alabama brides already have a pricing advantage: ‌

  • The average cost of a wedding in Alabama is $17,216, or $127 per guest. That’s much less than the national average of $24,723.
  • An outdoor wedding in Alabama is a bargain because of the balmy weather. Weddings can be held year-round, which means there are more pricing options. Early spring is warm, and in late fall and winter, guests only need a light coat. ‌
  • Check out our cool-weather wedding tips for a magical event.

Are Outdoor Weddings Cheaper?

In the great outdoors, there aren’t space limitations. You don’t have to painfully trim the guest list. Children are free to run and play. And you can save big on indoor décor.‌

  • Half of a wedding’s budget is spent on the venue. Outside, you can rent a tent. Or, negotiate with outdoor wedding venues for a backup indoor space in case of rain. Here’s how to squeeze the most out of your wedding venue dollars.
  • Many indoor venues charge a fee per guest, but with an outdoor wedding, you can expand your guest list. Here are some tips for crafting the perfect guest list.
  • An outdoor space has green lawns galore, acres of sky, and stately trees. So the rest of your décor can be minimal. Outdoor ceremony ideas include a graceful arch entwined with vines and flowers. For wedding aisle décor, see these Pinterest tips ranging from simple baby’s breath and ribbons to elaborate floral sprays.

Alabama Outdoor Wedding

The Best Month for an Outdoor Wedding‌

Your Insta is full of wedding anniversary pictures in June for good reason. June is the hands-down favorite for a Southern wedding because of low humidity and ideal temperatures. That’s why June 20 was the second most popular date for a wedding in 2020. Late spring is also prime wedding season in the South. No florist can duplicate the trees wreathed in blooms of plum and pink.

But fall weddings are catching on these days. The most popular wedding date nationally was October 10. If your favorite color palette is burnished reds and golds, fall is your wedding season. Nature’s glory is at its peak for an outdoor fall wedding.

Plan for the Unexpected

‌One reason to choose an outdoor wedding is that the unexpected happens. A white butterfly floating by while you say your vows adds just the right dash of poetry.

Of course, the unexpected can be a drawback. But there’s no need to stress. You can make a contingency plan in case of rain:‌

  • ‌Consider an outdoor ceremony with a reception inside. ‌
  • Give your guests soft wraps or umbrellas as wedding favors. ‌
  • Large industrial fans create a welcome breeze on humid summer days.‌
  • Wedding success is in the details. See our primer on how to plan an outdoor wedding like a pro.

A Picture-Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Birmingham

Outdoor wedding reception in Alabama

For an unforgettable outdoor venue in Birmingham, see our wedding brochure with a range of picturesque options. From country estate grounds to farm-style hospitality, we’ll bring you a wedding day to wow your guests and create timeless memories.Your Dream Wedding Awaits...request a proposal today.

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