Spring weddings in the South infuse your soul with the sweet promise of new life and delicate beauty. Wedding activities for these affairs often center around long walks or bike rides through blossom-covered meadows, pedal boat rides across a swan-filled pond at twilight, and even some unusual southern wedding traditions, like burying the bourbon.

As such, spring destination weddings in Alabama mix tradition with trends, allowing the wedding party and their guests to experience a truly memorable affair long after the spring flowers have given way to summer leaves.

Here’s a look at three popular wedding trends and four tips to follow to create a beautiful spring wedding.

3 Spring Wedding Trends for a Perfect Affair

1. Break Out the Florals

In a perfect world, spring consists of brilliant bursts of Fuschia blooms, mint-colored fronds, and bumblebee-enticing fragrances. While all weddings have floral arrangements, florals are trending now at spring luxury weddings in Alabama.

To incorporate florals in your wedding motif, look for wedding dresses that feature a lacy floral design. Also, search for floral-patterned dresses for the wedding party. Finally, look for natural ways to introduce flowers to your decorations (beyond the bouquet). Outdoor weddings at venues with a variety of flower gardens allow you to do this and stay on budget.

2. Add Some Life to Your Wedding Favors

Come March and April, your wedding guests will be in the mood to start digging deep into the rich soil of their flower gardens. Make your destination wedding memorable by giving out garden-related favors at each table. Some nice options include heirloom flower seed packets and mini baskets filled with miniature gardening tools.

3. Garnish Your Drinks and Desserts With Edible Flowers

Who knew that carnations were for more than just boutonnieres? As it turns out, this popular wedding flower is just as comfortable on your wedding cake or in your cocktails as it is on your lapel. Adding some edible flowers to your wedding decor offers you another way to introduce a spring element to a southern destination wedding.

If you’ve never worked with flowers-as-food before, you’ll want to read up on which flowers you can eat and which you can’t or work with a caterer who is well-versed in using edible flowers.

Spring Wedding Tips for Your Southern Destination Wedding

Spring Wedding Tip #1: Have a Plan B

Spring, particularly early spring, is as unpredictable as, well, the weather. As such, your spring wedding planning should include a “plan B” if you want an outdoor wedding.

In terms of holding an outdoor spring wedding, you have a couple of options for this.

These include:

  • Planning on tents or canopies on the grounds of the venue
  • Hosting an indoor/ outdoor affair at a venue that has plenty of indoor floor space plus double doors that open wide for great outdoor views
  • backup venue if yours gets rained out

Spring Wedding Tip #2: Plan Travel Carefully

Snow still happens in spring, making driving to faraway events a bit tricky. Destination weddings prevent guests from having to drive around too much if the roads get icky. While the trip to the wedding may present some challenges, guests are safe to enjoy the grounds of a great venue once they arrive. No driving is required.

On a related note, booking a venue that offers on-site lodging allows you and your guests to arrive a bit early. This gives you and your guests the option of driving at a slower pace, ensuring a safe arrival at the venue and plenty of time to get settled in before the celebration begins.

Spring Wedding Tip #3: Choose Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Activities

Your wedding activities may be affected by inclement weather. If that turns out to be the case, think about alternative wedding activities like:

  • Live music at an on-site venue
  • Trivia nights and murder mystery games
  • Baking with renowned chefs
  • Paint and sip parties
  • Massage and spa options
  • Easy access to nearby towns, like Birmingham, for museum visits and pub crawls

When Should You Start Planning For Your Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding Tip #4: Plan Early

All weddings take time to plan. Luxury weddings and destination weddings require even more planning than a “regular” wedding. In light of this, it’s best to begin your wedding planning early. According to Shutterfly, the average destination wedding takes a year and a half from proposal to “I do” to plan and execute.

A few factors contribute to this length of time.

  • The availability of the venue
  • How easily your friends and family can travel
  • How booked up area wedding professionals like caterers, musicians, and florists are
  • Your budget and ability to pull together the money required

Finally, if you’re not planning a destination wedding, Brides.com suggests you take at least a year to plan a local wedding.

Final Thoughts on Planning a Spring Wedding in Alabama

Beautiful spring weddings consist of a little luck, an assortment of stunning flowers, and lots of planning. While southern destination weddings can take nearly two years to plan, even local weddings require a good amount of time to bring everything together.

In light of that, it’s good to plan a wedding that includes some current trends as well as some old standby traditions and lots of patience. It’s also good to book your venue as far in advance as you can.

If you’d like to learn more about how Pursell Farms can help you with your southern destination wedding in Alabama, reach out to us for a proposal.


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