Setting a date is usually the first big decision you make after getting engaged, and it’s often one of the most difficult. Most brides want their wedding to be a special event that is fun, memorable, and a wonderful experience for their guests.

One way to set your wedding apart is to plan a holiday wedding that falls on or around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other special days in the year. But choosing a holiday wedding that happens during a long weekend comes with its own special set of considerations, from price to etiquette.

To help you navigate these important decisions for your big day, here’s what you need to know to plan a holiday wedding.

The Pros and Cons

There are some amazing benefits that you can take advantage of by choosing a holiday or a long weekend for your big day, but there are also some drawbacks that are important to know before you commit to a date.

Pro: The holiday will infuse your wedding with a little extra joy and celebration.

Con: Your special day will forever be linked to another, bigger “special day.

Pro: You and your loved ones are more likely to have time off work and school.

Con: Your loved ones may have other plans that conflict with your wedding date.

Pro: Decor may be easier to find and for a lower price.

Con: Travel and accommodations may cost more than at other times.

How Do You Plan a Holiday Wedding?

If, after considering the pros and cons, you decide that a holiday wedding makes sense for you, you can dive into the exciting task of planning your big day.

Planning a holiday wedding is much like planning a wedding at any other time, from sending your save the date cards to booking your venue. The major difference is that you may want to give yourself even more lead time and wiggle room in your budget, since some venues and vendors may not be available (or may charge a premium) for providing services on a holiday.

Are Weddings Cheaper on Holidays?

This depends on the holiday you choose and how the date coincides with the high and low seasons for weddings.

Summer weddings tend to be in the highest demand, so a holiday wedding on the Fourth of July or Labor Day weekend will cost more. While the winter months are often the most popular time to get engaged, they are considered the low season for weddings, so they are a good option for couples who are looking to host an affordable wedding. No matter what holiday you choose, there are plenty of creative and stress-free ways to keep your wedding budget in check.

Is It Rude to Get Married on a Holiday?

Opinions vary on the etiquette of hosting a holiday wedding, with the main objections being that holidays tend to be trickier for your guests since they may have other plans and that holiday travel and activities often carry a higher price tag. 

One of the best ways to offset these drawbacks is to make it worthwhile for your guests to attend your wedding—this is especially true for destination weddings. (More information on how you can do this is provided below.)

With the right planning and preparation, your holiday wedding can become a truly spectacular multi-day event that is filled with far more lasting memories than a typical single-day wedding.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Luxurious Southern Destination Wedding

Christmas Holiday Weddings

There’s something romantic about Christmas that makes it an attractive choice for a holiday wedding.

As for theme and decor, one popular and tasteful approach is to offer a nod to the holiday through your wedding theme and decor without allowing it to overwhelm the event. For example, you might want to include subtle touches of green, red, gold, and white to your color scheme and include poinsettia and holly as part of your flower arrangements.

Long Weekend Holiday Weddings 

Everyone looks forward to a long holiday weekend, so harness this excitement by creating a wedding itinerary that allows your guests to celebrate and enjoy themselves all weekend long.

If you’re planning a destination wedding that falls on Labor Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or Memorial Day weekends, you may wish to fill out the weekend agenda with a festive barbecue or elegant cocktail party that gives your guests the chance to party and socialize while celebrating your milestone.

Final Thoughts on Holiday Weddings

You deserve to have the wedding day of your dreams, no matter what day, weekend, or season you ultimately choose.

If you’re thinking of planning a holiday wedding or destination wedding, what matters most is surrounding yourself with loved ones who want to celebrate with you. Everything else will fall into place.Your Dream Wedding Awaits...request a proposal today.

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