Corporate meetings and conferences are unique to other types of events. You’ll need to work around corporate rules and strike a balance between practicality and comfort. And, just as every bridal couple has unique tastes, every company has its own culture that should be reflected in the details. 

Another unique aspect of setting up an offsite company meeting has to do with organizational structure. The company’s chain of command can directly affect the planning process. There’s a good chance you’ll need to coordinate details with an employee who doesn’t have the authority to make all the key decisions on their own. They may need to gather information and requests from you, relay them to someone with authority, and then come back to you with an answer. Be sure to account for the extra time it can take to get details in the place because of this “go-between” factor. 

Corporate Events Checklist

Before you sit down to discuss your plan, put together a list of questions tailored to the company, business unit, department, or industry. These questions will give you a good start.

What is the purpose of the event?

If possible, get a proposed schedule for the meeting to help shape the event plan and to ensure you’re speaking the same language. Different people might use the term “meeting” to refer to any company event, for example. A working lunch meeting will require very different elements than a meeting workshop with breakout sessions or a shareholders’ dinner meeting featuring a keynote speaker. 

Where Should You Have Your Next Corporate Retreat?

What meeting room features does the company require?

Don’t make assumptions about what needs to be in the meeting space. A few options to discuss include:

  • Technology. Does the room need to have outlets at every seat? A WiFi connection? A projector? Microphone?
  • Seating and workspace. Do you need to have the room set up for a lecture or a meal, or does each attendee need their own workspace?
  • Accessibility. Will the space need to provide accommodations for people with mobility issues or health concerns?
Are there any special catering needs?
  • Once you know the type of food, you’ll need to arrange (a meal, snacks, or coffee service, for example), consider allergies and other nutritional concerns carefully.

Need help planning your next corporate event?

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What is the corporate culture like around the office?
  • Spend some time absorbing the company’s everyday culture. Is this a young, hip startup or an established, conservative corporation? Do the employees seem relaxed with one another, or is there a more formal vibe?
What is the overall goal for this event?
  • Discuss what the company hopes to achieve by holding this event. Is it a special event to thank the employees or an opportunity to impress a potential new client? This information can help guide you as you create a plan proposal. 

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