After two years of virtual meetings, retreats, and conferences, businesses are anxious about in-person events again. Unfortunately, with most companies offering virtual or hybrid work options, many teams have only met online. While there are benefits to Zoom and Slack, they’re not the best avenue for team building and collaboration. So, meeting planners are excited about arranging in-person corporate retreats and hybrid/remote team meetups again. 

Benefits of a Corporate Retreat

While some employees may groan at spending time with coworkers outside of work, the benefits of corporate retreats are tremendous. A corporate retreat can: 

  • Boost employee morale
  • Increase collaboration among your hybrid remote teams
  • Provide training about new products, procedures, etc.
  • Build workplace culture
  • Allow teams to do company annual planning, including company production ideation.

The benefits of corporate events are infinite, but there are many things to consider when planning. 

Where Should You Have Your Next Corporate Retreat?

What to Consider When Planning a Company Retreat

Company events are essential for employees to disconnect from the day-to-day grind and bond with their coworkers. It’s necessary to focus on what’s fun and productive. Planning a corporate retreat can be challenging, and there are many things for you to consider. 


While this may seem obvious, knowing the retreat’s goals is essential. For example, are you focusing on team-building, training, or both? 


As a meeting planner, the company’s budget determines what type of retreat you can plan. Is there enough budget money for a multi-day stay, or do you need to design something more budget-friendly?

Length of Stay

It may seem obvious, but you need to determine how long the retreat will last. Do you want it to be during the workweek? Or do you want it to be over a long weekend?


Corporate retreats can be anywhere from the hustle and bustle of New York City to a tropical beach in the Mediterranean. The location of your event is probably the most significant factor in the success of your event. It’s often most useful to choose a location that is quiet, remote, and a nice change of scenery – while still being close enough to activities to occupy the evenings. 


Do you need a meeting space that is not a boring hotel banquet room? If the employees have free time, what activities do you want them to access? Tennis? Golf? Massages? Horseback riding? 

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What Makes a Corporate Retreat Successful?

  • An onsite visit is one of the most important things to do before booking a corporate event – As a meeting planner, you can see the layout of the meeting rooms, the technology available, and the design of the venue. In addition, you can ensure that there are necessary physical accommodations for employees if necessary.
  • The best corporate event is definitely in a beautiful location – A beautiful site gives employees a chance to relax while they’re learning and bonding with their coworkers. 
  • It’s essential to book your destination in or near a major city for successful travel –  If your event is in a major city, transportation to the event should be relatively painless, and transportation to the hotel or resort should be easy. 
  • Employees pay more attention with unique and fun meeting spaces
  • An all-in-one venue with multiple activities, restaurants, and meeting spaces, means less stress for the employees and for you – The reality of getting from the hotel to a restaurant and then a social event at an entertainment venue is a logistical nightmare. It’s a pain for you as a meeting planner, and it’s a nightmare for the employees. An all-in-one venue alleviates any transportation nightmares.   
  • A venue that focuses on the food as much as the service is necessary – With any event, even a short meeting, the employees need access to great food that also considers their dietary needs.
  • The number of available activities is crucial to a successful onsite retreat – Companies are diverse, and every employee is different. They have different physical abilities and different ideas of relaxation. One employee might prefer to read a book in their room, while another wants to try a round of golf or go swimming. Having access to a range of activities is essential.

Located just outside Birmingham, Alabama, Pursell Farms checks all of the boxes above. You will be amazed at the beauty of our 3200-acre property at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Our accommodations are relaxed  yet luxurious. 

As a meeting planner, you only need to worry about transportation to Pursell Farms from Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Airport. Once the employees arrive, everything is onsite. 

There are two  restaurants on the property plus a “grab-n-go” grille, and we can provide catering during your meetings. Our restaurants range from casual American food with robust beverage options to white tablecloth and fine dining

Pursell Farms offers a wide variety of activities to suit your company’s needs. For example,  we can set up tee times for any employees who wish to play golf. We’ve also got tennis and pickleball courts, with a bocce ball surface not far away. fly-fishing instruction, and clay shooting are also available. In addition, we have electric bikes and walking trails for your enjoyment. Finally, we offer spa services and yoga if your employees want to relax and enjoy the peace and serenity of the quainter aspects of The Farm. Should your company come in the warmer months, we also have a swimming pool. 

Our meeting spaces are nothing like the typical hotel conference rooms. Instead, we have multiple options ranging from large to medium size spaces at John Piney’s Barn to our Presentation Theater. Each space has its unique flair, but John Piney’s Barn is uniquely special. The Barn opens to an outdoor patio showing the scenery of the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. 

With a host of exciting amenities, beautifully designed accommodations, and delectable southern cuisine, this is one meeting your team will not forget.

We look forward to speaking with you about your event soon. Please contact us for a request for proposal. We can’t wait to host your event at Pursell Farms!

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