Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue. This wedding adage has been an age-old tradition for brides, but even our wedding venue, Hamilton Place, has artfully captured two of the four “somethings” by marrying “something old” and “something new” into one magnificent wedding venue.

Brides have begun foregoing traditional wedding settings in search of unique wedding destinations or venues. Rustic barns, industrial urban lofts, and botanical gardens might work for some, but many Southern brides are scoping out historic antebellum homes for their nuptials. So, when David and Ellen Pursell began planning for the new wedding venue at Pursell Farms, two things were certain: It would be located beside the restored 1852 Hamilton Place House, and it must mirror the home’s style and architecture. 

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Hamilton Place was built in 1852 and acquired by the Pursell family in the 70s when the house was nothing more than a dilapidated, weathered-worn shack storing bales of hay. They meticulously restored the home to her original, Greek-Revival grandeur filled with the appropriate period antiques until her appearance made you feel like you had stepped back in time. The same care and detail that went into renovating the antebellum home also went into designing the new wedding venue, Hamilton Place at Pursell Farms.

Nestled beside the historic home, the new Hamilton Place overlooks a lush, manicured ceremonial lawn and a graceful pond dotted with Magnolias, Water Oaks, and wildflowers. The grand ballroom’s interior features a vaulted, clapboard ceiling with skylights, reclaimed hardwood floors, an enclosed glass porch, and fine, Southern furnishings, while the cedar shake shingles, green shutters, and bistro-lit terrace neatly tie the venue’s exterior back to the historic home. Together, the old home and new wedding venue provide a picturesque setting for bridal couples searching for a dreamy wedding destination.


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