A corporate retreat has benefits beyond just getting the team together. A quality corporate retreat is a tool that leadership can use in many ways. 

Build Enthusiasm and Passion

They are an opportunity to ignite the passion for company goals, to create enthusiasm not only for their job but also for being a part of the team, and to rally behind changes that may be difficult. 

Useful for Preventing Turnover 

Another benefit can include changing the attitude of employees who feel underappreciated and who are considering leaving. Reducing turnover by changing the perspective of employees is a powerful opportunity. 

Prepare for Advancement and Skill-building

Corporate retreats are also a tool that helps improve performance and skill-building while priming employees for advancement and training opportunities. 

Team Building

One final benefit of corporate retreat events is that it allows your team to learn more about each other, foster friendships and partnerships, and collaborate. That process is a powerful way to encourage ideation and exploration of skills among the team. 

The Guide to Hosting Events Your Whole Company Will Love

What makes corporate retreats great?

What separates one corporate retreat from another? 


The location of the retreat is a massive factor that enables your team to thrive in a retreat setting. The top attributes of retreat locations include the quiet you need to get work done and focus on team-building projects. One other aspect of location is that while working uniting the team is good, there should be downtime where your team can sit and reflect or delve into the local culture for entertainment. A retreat that is set away from the hustle and bustle but close enough to an interesting locale can be ideal. 


Not only is comfortable lodging important but so is easy access to food. A retreat that offers relaxing lodging and quality wholesome food is a big plus. It means that you and the team do not have to travel out into the local community as often. The dine-in option allows more time for team building. 

Work Environment

It is nice to get away from the office, but as you know, work never really stops. Your team will need access to work tools that enable them to remain in contact with their teams, contact clients and customers, and remain informed of the daily activities back in the office. Access to video conferencing, work tables, internet, and communication tools, such as printers and computers is a good perk. 

Leisure, Rest, and Fun

Onsite options for leisure such as a pool or deck where members can meet up in small groups to find quiet by themselves are golden. Access to golf, hiking trails, beaches, and other areas where people can enjoy nature and network in smaller groups is a welcome option. 

You’ve spent the morning going over data and goals and key points that you want your team to absorb. The best way for them to do that is to enjoy some fun in smaller groups where they can discuss the topics and key points and plan and formulate strategies that help them take those topics onboard. 

Where Should You Have Your Next Corporate Retreat?

How can you renew your team’s energy and focus for the rest of the year?

Focus on Positivity

Even in the worst of times, positivity is a beacon that shines and brightens outcomes. When energy is low, find thankfulness. Acknowledging accomplishment even when outcomes are less than desired. Find the silver lining. The goal is to energize your team with the passion and enthusiasm that creates the energy they need to fuel the next steps for your company. 

Focus on Opportunity

There is opportunity in everything and discovering that is what makes leadership so powerful. Bring your leadership team back from the brink and inspire them to reach for their best. Encourage, recognize, and teach so that each member finds enthusiasm and joy in what they do. Focus on the opportunities that are now available to your team. 

Build Your Team

All for one and one for all is a good goal. By uniting team members, exposing skills, and tempering relationships, you are forging opportunities that empower all members. When you move from “I can” to “we can” you are mobilizing your team into a cohesive unit where skills are given so that all may succeed. 

Seek Input

From company annual planning ideations to discovering hidden opportunities, input from all members of the team can become a gold mine of options that allow leaders to put their best foot forward. What do you need to accomplish in the coming year? What are the bolded phrases on the company’s strategic plan? What are the opportunities available that are unexplored? These questions are part of what makes events for your corporate team so powerful. 

Pursell Farms – Ideal for Corporate Events 

With 81 double occupancy rooms and over 14,000 square feet of meeting and event space, Pursell Farms is an incredible location for corporate events and hybrid/remote team meetups. With outstanding facilities and plenty of in-house amenities, Pursell Farms makes an inspiring destination for corporate teams. Let us work with you to design an inspiring and enthusiastic corporate event for your team.

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