You’ve decided to tie the knot! Now you have to start wedding planning and the thought of your furry friend comes across your mind. Are pets in weddings a good idea? Should you plan to have your dog be a part of the wedding ceremony?

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to include your dog, or even cat, in your wedding (though the cat might be a little less enthused about the idea). After all, they are your companion, number one fan, and a part of the family.

Including your pet in your wedding may add on extra planning. However, booking a pet-friendly wedding venue is a win-win situation. Let’s take a look at some pet wedding ideas and things to keep in mind.

Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

1. Ring Bearer / Walking Down the Aisle

One of the most popular cat or dog wedding ideas to include them in the ceremony is the walk down the aisle with you or a trusted friend. This will allow you to get some amazing photos of you and your pet on your special day and your pet will be excited to be involved!

You can have your pet be the honored ring bearer. You can purchase a ring bearer pillow especially for pets and tie it to their harness or collar. Be sure the wedding rings are secure so they don’t fall off and get lost!

2. Bring Your Pet to the Reception

Depending on your preference, your wedding ceremony might be too formal for you to want to include your pet, and that’s all right! Have your pet join the wedding activities at the reception so you can focus on your wedding ceremony. You can look forward to celebrating with your pet afterwards.

3. Photoshoots

If you’re not sure about including your pet at your wedding or reception, you can always include them in a photoshoot. This will allow you to have some personal time with your pet and you can have some fun with it. Coordinate with your wedding photographer about doing a photoshoot with you and your pet. Hello new Christmas card photo!

Things to Consider During Wedding Planning

While you’re planning your wedding, you’ll need to make plans specifically for your pet to be included. This involves a number of things, such as:

  • Who will be responsible for caring for your pet while you’re busy with wedding day activities?
  • Will your pet be walking down the aisle with you?
  • Do you need to train your pet for your special day?
  • What will your pet wear for the special occasion?
  • Where will your pet stay after the ceremony is over?
  • Will your pet accompany you on your honeymoon?

1. Assign Someone to Your Pet

On your wedding day, you’ll definitely be busy trying to prepare for the ceremony. You don’t want to have to worry about supervising your pet the whole time. Choose a trusted family member or friend who you feel comfortable with caring for your pet on your special day. It might also be a good idea if this person is already familiar with your pet and vice versa.

The person responsible for your pet on your wedding day can also be the one to walk your pet down the aisle. Consider these tips for when your pet is walking down the aisle:

  • Where your pet will be during the ceremony (next to you and your soon-to-be spouse, with a bridesmaid or groomsman, sitting in the audience)
  • Keep your pet on a leash to guide them to where they are supposed to go
  • If you want your pet to be in wedding ceremony pictures, you can walk them back down the aisle after you officially tie the knot
  • Make sure your pet takes a potty break before the ceremony!

If you are leaving your pet behind on your honeymoon, consider a pet chaperone that can care for your pet during and after the wedding. If you want a destination wedding and decide to honeymoon in the same place, you can make arrangements to have your pet stay with you at a pet-friendly resort.

2. Wedding Outfits

If your dog or cat is going to be a part of your wedding, consider what they will wear. Some people like to dress up their pets in outfits, while others say absolutely not! You don’t have to go all out and put a full suit and tie or dress on your furry friend. You can, however, get a special collar for their star appearance.

The color of the collar can match your wedding colors and you can add a special message on it. If you like dressing your pet up, consider matching your pet’s outfit with your wedding colors.

3. Pet Temperament

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re considering making your pet a part of your wedding is their behavior. As much as we love our furry friends, they can be little rascals sometimes. If your pet isn’t very well-behaved or gets easily excited under certain circumstances, you should keep this in mind when planning.

If your pet tends to be aggressive around strangers, you might want to consider making other arrangements to keep your pet and wedding guests safe. If your pet is pretty docile and listens well, this should be the least of your worries!

Book a Stunning Pet-Friendly Wedding Venue at Pursell Farms

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