Your wedding day is an exciting day full of love and celebration, regardless of if you have done it before.  Planning a second wedding may seem a bit different than it was the first time around, but the fact that your relationship deserves a special day doesn’t change.  One positive of planning a wedding for the second time is that it may be easier to make decisions based on what is truly important to you and your significant other without feeling the pressure that first-time brides often feel.  Downloading wedding planning apps or hiring a wedding planner are great ways to ensure that you get the wedding of your dreams!

Second Wedding Etiquette

Second weddings can offer a little more leeway in some of the normal traditions and expectations, but they also don’t have to! Let’s review some of the common questions around second wedding etiquette and what is expected of both the bride and groom.

Wearing White

As a second-time bride, you may be wondering if it is still acceptable to wear white to the wedding, and the answer is absolutely yes.  A bride should always wear what she feels beautiful in on her big day.  Wearing white often makes brides feel special, and there is no reason that should be any different for a second wedding!  

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Sometimes a second wedding is a huge party, and other times the bride and groom opt for a smaller guest list.  Depending on if it is the first wedding for either party or if there are children involved, and other circumstances, the size of a second wedding ceremony can vary greatly.  Most couples will still invite family and friends, but the list may be a little more exclusive than it was the first time around.  In most circumstances, invitations going to an ex or their family members are frowned upon, but there can be exceptions.  Check out this blog post for help building your guest list.

Wedding Party

Just like in the case of a first wedding, having a wedding party is a way to honor the people who have supported you, and there is no reason for that to be different for second weddings.  Friends and family members who have likely been by your side through some tough times and who are supportive of your new marriage are absolutely able to stand next to you on your big day.  Some members of your wedding party might be the same as in your first wedding, and others may be different, but you can absolutely pick a color scheme and have your besties stand by your side!

Showers and Gifts

Most people who have been married before will already have the typical gifts that you would receive at a bridal shower, so it may not be necessary to have another one.  Of course, there are exceptions to this, and if your friends and family offer to host a shower for you, it is not wrong to accept.  Creating a wedding registry can help those who wish to buy you a gift get something that you and your spouse will enjoy.

Booking a Date

A second wedding can take place on any day of the week, just like a first wedding.  Of course, weekend weddings are often the easiest for people to attend.  While Saturday weddings are the most common, there are benefits to hosting a wedding on a Friday evening or on Sunday.  Vendors may be more readily available and offer discounts for their services on days other than Saturdays, and options such as offering brunch foods are a great way to make your wedding unique and memorable.  

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