The American South offers abundant grace, elegance, and style. As a place where time-honored traditions mingle with modern aesthetics to create a truly unique experience, the south is an ideal location for a destination wedding. Outdoor weddings have long been a hallmark of classic southern culture, and thanks to the agreeable climate, al fresco weddings can take place at any time of year. Although destination weddings are commonly associated with tropical island resorts, nothing quite beats the American South for authentic hospitality and natural beauty. 

An increasing number of modern couples are choosing locations in the South for their destination weddings. After all, the region is well-known for its hospitality. Here’s what you need to know about bringing old-school southern hospitality to your wedding day. 

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A Luxury Southern Wedding

Unfurl the Parasols

Like many aspects of southern culture, parasols offer a seamless combination of charm and functionality. There’s no need to swelter under the summer sun when parasols are part of the picture — and speaking of pictures, few things provide better props for wedding photos than a pretty parasol. As an added bonus, parasols keep the occasional summer shower from putting a damper on the festivities. They also make fabulous mementos for wedding guests.

Parasols are available in every color of the rainbow and come in everything from stunningly simple to as frothy and ornate as the most decadent wedding cake.

Stir the Mint Juleps

The celebratory beverages alone are a good reason to venture south of the Mason-Dixon line when the time comes to meet your beloved at the altar. Besides mint juleps, classic southern cocktails include gin fizzes, rum runners, Kentucky whiskey served neat, and Mississippi bourbon punch. Nonalcoholic options include quintessential sweet tea and Coca-Cola. Any of these can be served southern style in a Mason jar glass. 

Mason jars aren’t just for cocktails anymore, though. A southern decorating staple, these jars hold everything from altar flowers to candle votives. 

Serve up the Southern Cuisine

Even everyday food in the south is luxurious, so you can imagine what special-occasion food is like. Prepared with utmost care and painstaking attention to detail, southern food is designed to look every bit as good as it tastes. Traditional southern weddings often can serve buffet-style dinners, allowing guests to mingle easily with others as well as pick and choose the exact foods they wish to enjoy. 

No southern wedding is complete without the appearance of a few regional staples such as shrimp and grits, fried green tomato Caprese salad, and good old homemade buttermilk biscuits. 

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Luxurious Southern Destination Wedding

Commission a Bridal Portrait 

Prior to the advent of modern photography, bridal portraits provided the happy couple with a visual memento of their special day. Although wedding photographs and videos are definitely here to stay, an old-fashioned wedding photo adds an extra layer of southern grace that brides and grooms can proudly display in their homes and cherish for the rest of their lives. 

Shine at Your Own Wedding 

A true southern-style wedding makes every guest feel cared for and valued as well as allows the bride and groom the chance to be the stars of their own show. Southern hospitality is never overwhelming, and a peaceful, serene venue allows the wedding to be about the couple instead of the venue. When family and friends are the recipients of genuine hospitality, they’re free to focus their attention on the couple who’ll be walking down the aisle. 

Include Your Favorite Four-Legged Friend on the Guest List

Southern hospitality means being extra nice to everyone – including your furry friends. If you’re among the increasing number of couples who wouldn’t dream of exchanging vows without your canine companion by your side, you’ll be glad to know that there are options for destination weddings in the South where you can count on your dogs being treated like family.

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a dog at a luxury wedding

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Couples seeking a southern wedding where old-school traditions combine with new-school luxury will find the venue of their dreams at Pursell Farms. We offer a true family farm atmosphere with the kind of attention to detail found only in the most luxurious resorts. Whether you want to exchange your vows on an altar set up on a velvety green expanse of lawn or say goodbye to single life in front of a gorgeous estate, we’ve got you covered. With plenty of pet-friendly accommodations on the farm, all of your family members will be welcome guests at your wedding.

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