Pitch Perfect. Mamma Mia. Girls Trip. If you “oooohed” in delight at the name of these films, then chances are, you know what a special bond there is between female friends and how much they love to road trip together. There’s something special about traveling together as women that brings out the best in us.

The most memorable girls’ trips combine an opportunity for late-night cocoa and giggles in a cabin, daring new adventures, like ziplining or skeet shooting, and a whole bunch of R&R with yoga and massages typically being on the menu.

If you and your besties are searching for the ultimate girls’ trip destination, we’d like to propose one of our favorites — yeah, we know we’re biased, but hear us out — the golf destination vacation.

In this post we talk about some reasons why we think a stay and play golf package might be just what the doctor ordered for you and your best gal pals.

An Argument for Golf Vacations as Girls’ Trip Destinations

After years of seeing how much fun bridal parties have playing golf when they come to Pursell Farms for their destination weddings, we’ve become enamoured with the idea of getting more women to play golf together.

We feel that golf trips as girls’ road trip destinations are the best-kept secret of the golf world. The best stay and play golf packages have all of the ingredients of a great girls’ trip:

  • They provide women with an oasis away from the cares of the world.
  • They offer plenty of bonding space — we can think of no better place to chat it up with a bunch of friends than on the front porch of a secluded cabin in the woods — and we have 3200 acres of woods.
  • They focus on both fun, wellness, and bonding, according to HealthyWomen.org.
  • They give women an opportunity to try new things and to leave their comfort zone, but at the same time, there’s plenty of room to partake in some tried-and-true favorite activities, too.

And while it may not seem like it, women and golf have a long history together.

The Best Stay and Play Golf Packages

The History of Women in Golf

Women in golf has quite an illustrious beginning, though it’s likely that few people outside of the golf world know about it. The first woman to have played golf is said to be Mary, Queen of Scots. It was the queen, who, in fact, coined the term “caddie,” according to National Today.

And St. Andrews Links golf course, one of the most famous golf courses in the world, came into being under her watch. It was also at St. Andrews, that the first women’s golf club, which eventually became known as St. Andrews Ladies Putting Club, was born.

We bring all of this up because in recent times, golf, unfortunately, has developed a bit of an identity crisis. That is to say, that many people associate golf with male players. Because of this reputation, a golf destination vacation may not be the first thing that women think of when they’re planning a girls’ road trip with their friends and family.

This is too bad because in our experience, a golf destination vacation can be the best vacation for a group of besties for a number reasons.

Golf Courses in the Southeast: Setting Up Golf Trips for Women

Generally speaking, the best vacation destinations for a group offer plenty of different types of activities. As such, a destination is chosen for a trip precisely because it offers so much for everyone to do and a variety of things to do at that. And this happens all in one place.

That’s why so many people appreciate stay and play golf packages. They usually include accommodations, tee times, and golf equipment all in one place.

However, they include more than just golfing amenities on-site. There are a lot of other things to do, too, which addresses each person’s desire for a bit of novelty in her vacation.

Here’s a look at some of the things that you and yours might do if you take a golf vacation at Pursell Farms:

Take a spa day: It’s no secret that modern life is stressful — and no accident that so many people include spa activities for their vacations. A spa day with the girls could include hot stone massage, facials, body scrubs, and more.

Start the morning with yoga on the mountain: Yoga has been shown to prevent injuries, increase flexibility, reduce weight, and improve athletic performance. And when you do yoga as a group, you also get the benefits of social bonding.

Add a night of live music: Many of the great southern destination vacations, like New Orleans, for example, include excellent music offerings. The nice thing about a destination golf vacation is that it includes great music, and the music comes to you.

Do some outdoor activities in addition to golf: In the true spirit of playing together, the best destination vacation packages have plenty of fun things to do, like horseback riding, stargazing with a bonafide astronomer, and even UTV adventures!

Eat something yummy every day: Many people love to try new foods while they’re on vacation, so of course, you’ll want to stop in at Old Tom’s Pub or the Arrington for an excellent meal.

Final Words on Visiting a Golf Resort With Your Girlfriends

Stay and play golf vacations have all the best elements of a girls’ road trip. There are fun things to do, plenty of golf in breathtaking scenery, and lots of time to hang on the porch with your besties and just laugh.

If you’d like to learn more about booking a golf vacation with your best girlfriends, reach out to us for a quote.

And if you’d like a preview of our golf course, take a look here.

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