A winter wedding is truly a magical event. While most couples opt for spring and summer weddings, the winter season can set the perfect scene for a memorable celebration. 

As you plan for your winter wedding, one big decision is your bridal party attire. You may be concerned that there won’t be enough options for wintertime wedding attire, but fear not — you’ll find you have a winter wonderland’s worth of fantastic choices!

Couple these five styling ideas with some winter wedding trends of 2021 and you will create a glamorous, wintry experience sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

1. Winter Fairytale 

Picture long, lacy trains, full skirts, and ballroom sleeves. If you want to go for the royal touch, maybe a tiara and elbow gloves! Winter wedding dresses bring to mind classic children’s stories and are sure to keep you warm. 

Bridesmaids dress with a fairytale flair that should complement the wedding dress. Long, full skirts in deep, royal blues with a hint of red in the accessories can contribute a bit of princess fair to the magical winter atmosphere.  

And for both bride and bridesmaids, grand, elaborate bouquets with large blooms are a must. Amaryllis is an excellent choice for a fairytale wedding. 

Grooms can’t go wrong with tuxedo tails and perhaps even a tophat and cane. Groomsmen could opt for tails, as well, or wear tuxes that complement the groom’s attire. Want to add some extra whimsey to your menswear? Jump on the 2021 trend of floral ties paired with formal wear! 

2. Jewel Tones

Winter brings to mind icy blues and pure white, but rich, deep jewel tones add a touch of welcome warmth and a whole lot of glamour. 

Brides who want to wear a more traditional color can opt for a white or cream dress and add a sash in a dark purple or emerald green. Add jewelry that picks up on this color choice. 

Bridesmaids can wear matching, jewel-tone gowns or a mix of jeweled tones. Matching ribbons woven into pretty, fresh bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets of deep burgundy with touches of eucalyptus will help to pull the look together.  

Grooms and groomsmen can wear tuxes with complementary bow ties and vests or opt for suits and ties, should the formality of your event allow for a more casual look.

3. Winter Forest

Whether you’re planning to hold your winter nuptials outdoors or inside, you can draw on inspiration from a wintery forest scene. 

Consider ethereal, silky sheath dresses for both bride and attendants. Combined with a halo crafted from twisted vines and bouquets featuring wildflowers, your guests will feel they’ve been transported to some faraway forest. 

Groom and groomsmen attire help to complete the look. Think woolen vests with no jackets or canvas suspenders. You might even opt for “professor” jackets with leather elbow sleeves or another choice that brings to mind a thoughtful walk through the woods.

4. Christmas Classic

For couples who love Christmas, there’s no reason not to embrace the joy of the season if your wedding date falls near the 25th of December. You can create a lush, glamorous event that doesn’t rely on Christmas kitsch while still celebrating your favorite holiday.

Brides could choose a traditional gown with a long train and long sleeves, complemented by a velvet waist ribbon in a vibrant green or dark red. Accessorize hair with a few holly leaves.

Another gown option is pairing a sleeveless gown with a faux fur shrug in white, red, or green. Either way, consider a bouquet with holly and berries, sugared plums, or snowy whites, adorned with a matching, silk ribbon.

For your bridesmaids, choose pretty, long gowns in a shade that matches the bride’s accent pieces. Grooms and groomsmen will look sharp in black tuxes or suits with ties or bowties to match. Consider tails for the groom.  

5. Sweater Weather

Sweaters may not seem like an ideal choice for a bridal party, but this versatile clothing style can become the center point of a cozy, comfortable, classy event.

There are some stunning gown selections that feature sweater-inspired bodices, or you can add a sweater to a sleeveless or short-sleeved gown. Pair your choice with a pretty faux-fur muff or a simple bouquet of narcissus. A few long Casablanca lilies tied with a simple ribbon would also pair well with a “sweater weather” wedding

Bridesmaids can wear gowns with sweater shrugs to match their gowns or in a complementary shade. Grooms and groomsmen will look sharp in long sleeves and classy sweater vests. 

This look is not only visually appealing; it’s practical, too. Your whole bridal party will stay warm no matter what kind of winter weather might come along.

Jump on another winter wedding trend of 2021 and provide cozy sweater blankets for your guest as well.

Still not sure?

From winter wedding centerpieces and tips to make your winter wedding dreams come true, we have you covered with ideas and inspiration from our own experienced team of wedding professionals. Creating the wedding of your dreams can feel a bit daunting, so don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced wedding planner. These professionals have experienced many winter weddings and will have some excellent, personalized ideas just for you.Your Dream Wedding Awaits...request a proposal today.

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