It’s not secret that weddings can be extremely expensive.  This is likely the biggest day of your life thus far and the day you’ve probably been planning on Pinterest for years, but getting caught up in the Instagram-worthy details can cost a pretty penny.  While it is important for your wedding day to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of, there are some easy ways to make sure that you stay within budget without giving up the things that are most important to you.

Consider a Friday or Sunday Wedding

When you first get out the calendar to decide on a wedding date, your first instinct may be to focus on Saturday evenings.  However, there are many pros to hosting your big day on a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon.  Many vendors offer discount prices for their services on days other than Saturday, meaning it is a simple way to save money without compromising quality.  If you’re planning a Fall wedding (especially in the South), Friday or Sunday weddings are also a way to avoid your guests watching football play-by-plays during the ceremony.

Limit Your Guest List

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re creating your guest list, but keep in mind that most caterers charge per person, even with a buffet or station set-up.  When you are combining two families and friends from both sides, the numbers add up quickly.  You are not obligated to give every adult guest a plus-one, so limiting it to couples in long-term relationships is one way to keep the guest list down.  Making cuts to the guest list is difficult, but evaluating how important people have been in the past and how active you think they will be in your life in the future can help you to decide who should be a part of your big day.

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Avoid an Open Bar

wedding open bar

Alcohol is a huge expense when it comes to a wedding reception.  Guests would surely appreciate an open bar, but it is definitely not something that people expect.  If you want to provide liquor, choosing a signature cocktail to offer guests is a good way to do so while keeping costs down.  If liquor isn’t important to you, providing a small selection of beer and wine is an extremely cost-effective option.

Choose a Beautiful Venue

The less decorating you have to do to make your venue picture-perfect, the less money you will have to spend.   Booking a venue that is picturesque without adding tons of flowers, greenery, candles, and other decor can drastically cut your wedding costs.  A venue like Hamilton Place requires little decor due to its stunning architecture and beautiful views.

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Use Seasonal Items

Catering is another large part of a wedding budget, but choosing a menu that is in-season and easily accessible to your location is a good way to keep costs down.  When your chosen produce and protein is available locally, you can avoid having to pay shipping fees.  When it comes to floral arrangements, choosing flowers and greenery that is in-season is also important in considering costs.  Rather than insisting on a specific flower for arrangements, ask your florist for advice on seasonal blooms that could provide a similar look for less.

Weddings are expensive, but hosting the wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to break the bank.  Being aware of these 5 wedding budget tips can help you save money on your big day.

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