Bridesmaid fashions have gone through a stunning transformation over the past four decades. The poofy, pastel-pink dresses of the 1980s have given way to the modern mix-and-match styles of 2020. Today, many brides are shunning the monochrome look of the past and going all-in on perfectly mismatched sets. Choosing the right color palette for the bridesmaids can help accent the look and feel of her special day.

What to consider when selecting bridesmaids dresses

The most important question for any bride to ask herself when considering the options for bridesmaids dresses is: 

Do you love them?  

A wedding is a bride’s special day to shine, after all. And every detail of the day should reflect her tastes, interests, and personal story. No matter what the bridal magazines say looks chic this season, the styles and colors will only work if the bride feels genuinely enthusiastic about them. 

If the bride loves the dresses, then she can move on to other criteria, such as:

  • Do the dresses match the location’s atmosphere? 
  • Do they feel appropriate for the season? 
  • Will their color enhance the bridesmaids’ skin tones? 
  • Will the outfits detract from the wedding gown? 
  • And, of course, what’s the groom’s opinion?

Wedding Color Palettes

Once a bride has chosen her style, she can start to think about her colors. Modern brides are mixing it up when it comes to the palette, textures, and even styles of dresses they want to accent their own. Classic color options include navy, red, black, and emerald green. Other popular choices include mauve, coral, and dusty blue. 

A bride can devise her color palette according to her preferences and style. If she chooses to go with multiple colors, it’s essential to make sure they complement each other. A bride can coordinate the wedding party’s look by selecting dresses from within the same color family or by mixing floral prints with bright colors. Some color choices will offer a stunning contrast if carefully selected from themes such as prints, lace, sequins, or metallic hues.

Bridal Styles May Inform the Color Palette

The bride’s personal style can help direct her to the right dresses, too. Is she eclectic? Independent? Vintage? The bridesmaid’s dresses should reflect that style. That choice may, in turn, influence her color choices as well. Some shades seem stunning when wrapped into a blazing floral print. Others look their best when displayed as part of one constant theme on a simple piece of fabric. 

An array of different colors, textures, and patterns can add glamour and interest to a wedding, provided that they fit conceptually within the overall theme and feel of the wedding itself. Casual weddings lend themselves to individual styles and palettes, while formal weddings demand a different look. Only the bride can know what’s right for her celebration.

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More Inspiration for Choosing the Bridesmaids Dresses

Consider the bridal party. What will they enjoy wearing? Will they feel comfortable wearing the dress all day? Will the color scheme add vibrancy to their experience at the wedding? Is it easy to dance in? The bride can show her party some swatches to get their feedback before making her final decision.

Also, think about the setting of the wedding. Will sparkles and lace seem too frilly in a rustic atmosphere? Will metallic choices look too modern in a traditional venue? Will that beautiful beige-and-black outfit look too monochrome in a picturesque site? Here again, the bride must trust her judgment.

Tips for Bridesmaids Dress Shopping

  •   Start shopping early.
  •   Think about necklines and hemlines.
  •   Remember that accessories make the outfit.
  •   Don’t neglect foundation garments.
  •   Choose a color palette that enhances the whole wedding experience.

Once a couple gets engaged, wedding planning can involve a lot of questions and decisions, such as choosing the color palette for the bridesmaid’s dresses. Making these decisions may take time, planning, and thoughtfulness, but getting them right can go a long way toward creating a day to remember.

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