For your golf-loving groomsmen, time spent on the golf course means more than just an opportunity for exercise. It’s a form of social bonding few activities can match. And if you’re reading this and you call yourself a golf lover, then your best golfing buddies have likely been asked to be your groomsmen. We bet you even asked them to be your groomsmen while you were on the golf course playing a round or two.

Now that they’ve agreed to your request, there’s one more thing you have to do: get them some cool golfing gifts to use on their next trip to the golf course.

Why You Should Get Golfing Gifts for Your Wedding Party

Buying thank-you gifts for the members of the wedding party has long been a tradition. It’s also good wedding etiquette. It’s a nice way of saying “thank you” to the people who played or will play an integral part in the execution of your big day.

These gifts are personal and fit the recipient. In this case, since you all love golf, then golf gifts make a logical choice when it comes time to purchase these gifts.

What Are Some Good Golf-Related Groomsmen Gifts?

The following gifts represent some of the best gifts that we’ve found for golf-playing groomsmen. Some are useful. Some are novel. All are very cool and deserve to be on any golf vacation packing list.

1. Personalized Golf Balls

The best gifts are personal, and it doesn’t get much more personal than these personalized golf balls. They don’t just have a monogram inscribed on them. They’re graced with a picture, too… in this case, your groomsman’s picture. There’s also a bonus beyond the novelty factor. If ever one of your groomsmen loses a golf ball during a golf trip, getting it back gets a whole lot easier.

2. Golf Shoe Bag

Golf shoes do more than make you look stylish on the greens at your next stay-and-play golf trip. They make the whole game more comfortable (something to think about when you realize that your golf course preview didn’t really let on how challenging the golf course is in reality).

In light of this, having someplace to stash your golf shoes that protects them and keeps them in one place until your next game is important. Having a personalized bag means that your groomsmen’s shoes never get lost in a crowd of bags and that they’re always in good shape, comfortable, and ready to wear when you need them.

3. Light-Weight, Easy-to-Carry Golf Bags

Many avid golfers have bucket-list goals, like “play golf at all the golf courses in the southeast this year.” If that’s a goal of your golf-loving groomsmen, then you’ll want to make the way to that goal even easier. Enter the light-weight golf bag. These leather bags still offer the sturdiness that extended golf play demands, but can take the wear-and-tear that a good golf vacation brings on. They’re also light enough to comfortably travel with, an important consideration if you have to change planes a lot.

4. Personalized Portable Drink Cooler

Playing golf is a thirsty endeavor, and when you’re just nine holes in on an 18-holer, it’s important to have some liquid refreshment nearby. This personalized portable drink holder keeps six drinks frosty until you either drink them up or make it to the pub at the proverbial 19th hole.

5. The Golfer’s Decanter

Speaking of the 19th hole, here’s a little something for the Scotch-loving groomsmen. This personalized whisky decanter and glass set is engravable, allowing you to preserve your expressions of thanks to your groomsmen in perpetuity and toast to everyone’s good health at the same time.

6. Golf-Themed Clock

If, as far as your groomsmen are concerned, it’s always golf o-clock, then few gifts will bring the delight that this golf-themed clock will. It’s constructed of vintage golf clubs and makes an excellent addition to a golf-themed den.

Golf-Themed Bachelor Trips: Saying ‘Thank You’

It probably goes without saying that if small golf gifts make excellent groomsmen gifts, then a whole golf vacation reigns supreme as the golf-gift-to-end-all-golf-gifts! Many grooms take some sort of bachelor trip before the wedding. For those who love golf, investing in stay and play golf packages to celebrate the upcoming nuptials are logical extensions of that passion.

The best golf packages cater to the groom and his groomsmen. They include

  • Accommodations
  • Personal carts
  • Use of the golf facilities, including driving ranges
  • Unlimited golf balls at the range
  • Excellent entertainment and food options off the golf course
  • Other activities, like eBiking, skeet shooting, Bocce ball, and more

Aside from all the obvious amenities above, these types of golf trips give you a chance to spend some quality time with your groomsmen before the wedding. The nature of your relationships will change once you’re married, at least to a certain extent. Taking some time out together allows you to capture some great pre-wedding memories. It also reminds you of why all of these guys are your closest friends.

Final Thoughts on Gift Ideas for Golf-Loving Groomsmen

If you share a passion for golf with your groomsmen, then giving them golf-themed groomsmen’s gifts is a nice and logical touch. The gifts on this list appeal to golf lovers who want to add a bit of personalization to their golf games.

Additionally, if you want to treat your golf-loving friends to a little something bigger, then consider taking a golf trip with them. It’s the ultimate thank-you gift from you to them for helping to make your big day so special.

If you’d like to take a golf vacation with your closest friends, contact us today about putting together a golf-themed bachelor trip!

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