A Party-Worthy Cheese Board

Just in time for Summer social gatherings, Executive Chef Andrea Griffith gives us her tips for creating a perfectly-paired cheese board sure to impress your guests. There is no right or wrong way to assemble a cheese board, however, there are a few essential elements you will definitely want to include.

Start with your blank canvas, the cheese board. Kitchen and cookware stores often carry a variety of cheese boards but start by looking around your kitchen to see what you have on hand. Butcher blocks, cutting boards, and serving platters all make excellent cheese boards. Chef Andrea chose a dark, slate tray so the cheeses and other accompaniments make the most statement.

Begin arranging 3-4 different types of cheese around the board leaving plenty of space between each piece of cheese. Use at least one soft, semi-soft and firm cheese. Chef Andrea chose Green Hill (soft), Asher Blue (semi-soft) and Midnight Moon (firm). Experiment with cheeses that have been made with milk from cows, sheep and goats to add different flavors and textures. Be sure to shop your city, state or region for homemade, artisanal cheeses to make a cheese board unique to your area.    

Fill in the board with some briny vegetables such as pickled onions, olives or pickles. Add slices of prosciutto, pancetta, soppressata or salami to transform your cheese board into a savory charcuterie board.

To finish, garnish your board with crackers, crostini pieces, nuts, and dried fruits. Pair condiments such as spicy mustard, fruit preserves or honey to complement your assortment of cheeses.

Your cheese board may be as elaborate or simple as you see fit for your occasion. Enjoy!

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