There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning. Once the initial bliss of getting engaged begins to settle in, it’s time to start getting organized. In addition to your date, budget, and guest list, you also need to consider a theme. Why not go for something a little different and plan a Sunday brunch wedding? 

Brunch weddings are increasing in popularity, and with good reason. They’re fun. They can be more relaxed. Sunday weddings can also be more affordable. At Pursell Farms, weddings are up to 28% cheaper on a non-Saturday. If you and your fiancé are planning a morning ceremony, here are six beautiful Sunday brunch wedding ideas to consider.

Have Everyone Dress in Their Sunday Best

A benefit to a Sunday brunch wedding is that the whole affair is inherently more casual. While you can choose to don formal attire, it’s not mandatory. To embrace the theme, consider shorter dresses, more casual fabrics for the bride and bridesmaids, and lighter-colored suits for the groom and groomsmen. 

Some themes to consider for your dress code include:

  • Everyone wears white
  • Spring colors and floral patterns
  • Cocktail wear

Hold Your Brunch Wedding Outdoors

An outdoor ceremony and brunch reception allow you to embrace the natural beauty of your wedding location. When you have trees, flowers, and plenty of greenery surrounding you, you don’t have to focus too much on decorations. Some simple, chic centerpieces can be enough to take your wedding brunch from good to incredible.  

The timing for an outdoor wedding and brunch reception also means plenty of natural lighting. Not only that, but the light will be around much longer. This offers ample opportunities for fantastic wedding photographs that the bride and groom can treasure for a lifetime.

Plan Some Fun Activities

Many popular wedding activities like photo booths are just as popular during the daylight hours as they are during evening receptions (but you’ll have much better lighting!). Dancing, however, isn’t generally a significant focus during daytime celebrations, and in many cases, it’s entirely optional or may not even occur at all. 

Rather than renting a dance floor and hiring a band or DJ, the bride and groom can organize games for guests to play, such as: 

  •   Bocce ball
  •   Croquet
  •   Horseshoes 
  •   Cornhole

Games fit very well into the relaxed feeling that a Sunday brunch wedding evokes, and setting a more formal dress code allows everyone to enjoy playing. No dancing doesn’t mean you have to go without music, though. The bride and groom can create a jazzy brunch playlist to fill the air during the reception.  

Hold a Brunch Buffet

Food is an essential aspect of wedding planning. One of the best parts about a brunch reception is the incredible dishes that can be served. Rather than giving guests a couple of options on the invitation, a brunch buffet allows everyone to enjoy all the fantastic foods typically associated with the mid-morning Sunday meal. 

From hearty and savory to sweet and decadent, a buffet will provide something for everyone. Some favorites to consider including on a brunch buffet:

  •   Quiche
  •   Eggs benedict 
  •   Bacon
  •   Sausage
  •   Hash brown casserole 
  •   Muffins
  •   Scones
  •   Cinnamon rolls

You can also take your Sunday brunch wedding to the next level with food stations. Freshly fried beignets, waffles, pancakes, and omelets made to order are sure to please.  

Serve Festive Brunch Cocktails

Most guests won’t drink as much during an earlier reception, so the bride and groom don’t necessarily need to offer a full bar. Still, cocktails are a brunch staple. Plenty of festive cocktails can be provided, such as mimosas, screwdrivers, bloody Mary’s, and others.  

A coffee and espresso bar can be a fun addition for the guests who choose not to imbibe during brunch. Not only will guests get to indulge in a deliciously crafted cappuccino or latte, but they’ll also get a nice little energy boost.  

Go Non-Traditional with Dessert

While you could choose to serve a traditional cake during your brunch wedding, many unique alternatives would also fit the theme. Naked wedding cakes are a gorgeous and trendy choice, but not every bride and groom wants to serve a cake. The possibilities for dessert are practically limitless. 

Alternatives to a traditional wedding cake include:

  •   “Cake” made from waffles or pancakes
  •   Donut wall
  •   Macaron towers
  •   Cupcakes
  •   Cannolis
  •   Croquembouche 
  •   Ice cream bar

A Sunday brunch wedding gives you plenty of room for creativity. From casual attire and fun outdoor games to delicious food and unique desserts, no shortage of incredible ideas that can help you make your special day memorable for everyone.


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