You’ve got the ring, you’ve got the guy, and your wedding planning efforts are in full swing. First up, sitting down in front of your calendar to pick your wedding date. 

You’ll probably consider Saturdays first. Most people do. When the wedding site Zola counted up the ten most popular wedding dates, they found that all of them were Saturdays, mostly in late spring or early fall. 

Peer pressure is real — many people expect weddings to be on Saturdays — but it’s your special day! You should have the freedom to choose the day that works best for you.  

But why a non-Saturday wedding? 

Well, let’s start with the obvious benefit…

Reason #1: You’ll definitely save money. 

You might not even have to negotiate a lower price for a wedding that isn’t on a Saturday. Some vendors and venues charge less for non-Saturday weddings as part of their standard pricing. 

At Pursell Farms, for example, couples who choose non-Saturday wedding dates pay up to 28% less. The same is often true for Birmingham photographers, wedding bands, and other service providers who specialize in weddings.

More money = more options

You might even save enough to come in under budget for your ceremony and reception. You can use that money to treat yourself to a fancier honeymoon, save for a down payment on a house, or even add something special to your special day. (Ice sculptures, anyone?)

Sounds too good to be true? Call a few of your top-choice vendors and ask about pricing for a Saturday wedding, then have your fiancé call from a different number and ask about a Thursday. The math will speak for itself.

Considering a Friday or Sunday wedding?

Reason #2: Your special date might not be a Saturday.

Non Saturday wedding datesWant to get married on the day your parents or grandparents tied the knot? Have you always dreamed of saying “I do” on the day you and your fiancé met? Your chances of landing your dream wedding date are much better if you don’t restrict yourself to a Saturday wedding.

Reason #3: Saturday will be free for more celebrating. 

If you get married on a Friday or Sunday, that leaves Saturday for you to have some relaxed fun with your wedding guests, extended wedding weekends are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. While your Saturday-wedding friends are having a whirlwind reunion with their friends and family, you can take more time to enjoy the company of your guests.

Some wedding venues, like Hamilton Place at Pursell Farms, are ideal for extended wedding weekends. Book a few extra days and let your guests relax, maybe play a round of golf or have brunch the morning after the ceremony.

Are your guests coming in from out of town? Consider showing them the local sights — museums, shopping, whatever your guests will like. Just make sure that you let them know the outing is optional in case they’d rather chill out and get some rest.

Reason #4: (Almost) everyone else gets married on Saturdays.

Non-traditional wedding datesAre you one of many in your social group with a wedding coming up? Do you have a big family with lots of siblings and cousins in your age group? The conflict calendar struggle is real, and it can quickly put a damper on your excitement about choosing the perfect date — especially if the time you’re looking at is a Saturday.

According to The Knot, 70% of weddings take place on Saturdays. If you choose a non-Saturday, you’ll have less competition from other events and probably earn the undying loyalty of all those wedding guests who won’t have to choose between weddings.

Reason #5: Vendors and venues book up faster for Saturdays. 

Your guests aren’t the only ones with Saturday wedding conflicts. You’ll also be working with bands, florists, caterers, and probably a bunch of other vendors. The more weddings they do, the more competition they’ll have on Saturdays. 

The same goes for venues. Popular venues can book up to a year in advance or more, and that happens faster for Saturdays because they’re in such high demand. 

If you choose a different day of the week, you’ll have a better chance of getting your dream venue or the florist that your sorority sister loved. You might even be able to negotiate a lower price because there’s less demand for a non-Saturday.

Pros and Cons of Friday and Sunday Weddings

Pro: You’ll save money by booking a non-Saturday wedding. 

Con: People are used to Saturday weddings. 

Pro: More time to do other activities with your loved ones. You could fit in a round of golf with your friends and family. Show them around town. Better yet, take off for the honeymoon a day early! 

Con: It could require additional time off work.

Pro: You’ll be different. 

Con: You’ll be different. 

Pro: Flexibility! 

Pro: Access to your dream vendors. 

Pros and Cons of non-saturday weddings

Schedule Freedom Is Wedding Freedom 

There’s a lot to do when planning a wedding, and you can’t do much of it until you’ve picked your date. A non-Saturday wedding may be non-traditional, but that’s the beauty of it. If you start with your perfect wedding date, all kinds of options will open up right before your eyes.

Go ahead. Think beyond Saturday. Then see what other amazing and unique things you can plan for your special day.Your Dream Wedding Awaits...request a proposal today.

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