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It is always a top priority to keep our guests’ and staff’s well-being in mind. We always practice the highest in sanitation and cleanliness standards. In light of the public health emergency, we are taking extra precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are requesting that you cancel any appointment if you are or anyone in your household is experiencing fever, flu, or cold-like symptoms. You may cancel with no penalty at any time up until 5:00 p.m. the day before your appointment. Should you cancel after that time, a 100% charge will be assessed.

The Spring House at Pursell Farms offers a wide variety of treatments including the Spring House Signature Massage designed to rejuvenate and detoxify and the Warm Stone Massage aimed at melting away tension and helping tired muscles feel refreshed and renewed. Our boutique spa menu includes treatments designed for relaxation and renewal. We invite you to read through our menu of services listed below and select the treatment best suited to your needs. Call to set up an appointment and come relax at The Farm!

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Menu of Services


Rejuvenate, harmonize, and detoxify.  A combination of pressure points and spiraling movements with techniques and pressure individualized to your specific needs.  Your therapist will tailor the treatment to provide balance and well-being, leaving the body refreshed and renewed.

$145/$155* – 50 Minutes
$215/$225* – 80 Minutes

*Weekend Pricing


A therapeutic technique using many of the same movements as the Swedish massage. The pressure, however, will be more intense and will aid in stimulating circulation.  This massage is recommended for reducing stress and for highly active individuals or those involved in heavy physical activity.

$165/$175* – 50 Minutes
$235/$245* – 80 Minutes

*Weekend Pricing


You will enjoy the soothing benefits of a traditional Swedish massage along with the slow, deep pressure and skillful hand movements specifically targeted to relieve stressed muscles.  This experience will enhance your well-being, taking you to a place of renewed tranquility.

$155/$165* – 50 Minutes
$225/$235* – 80 Minutes

*Weekend Pricing


Experience an elevated level of massage with the combination of hands-on-technique and the soothing heat of beautiful marble stones. Assorted sized stones of varying temperatures are skillfully applied to the body to induce balance and healing, to melt tension, and to help tired muscles feel refreshed and renewed.

$175/$185* – 50min
$235/$245* – 80min

*Weekend Pricing


Golf massage concentrates on wrists, forearms, shoulders, hip flexors, hamstrings and back. Specific stretches are used to increase range of motion and hip & back flexibility.

$165/$175* – 50 Minutes
$225/$245* – 80 Minutes

*Weekend Pricing


During this special time, what better way to be nurturing to yourself than to enjoy a therapeutic, relaxing massage, designed especially for the various stages of pregnancy?  Massage during pregnancy is quite safe; however, always ask your doctor before beginning any kind of massage service.

$155/$165* – 50 Minutes
$225/$235* – 80 Minutes

*Weekend Pricing


Did you know that the various areas of the hands and feet are directly associated with the organs in our bodies? You will feel the tension release as skillfully focused pressure is applied to certain points of the hands and feet, restoring a healthy balance to the entire body.

$25/$95* – 50 Minutes
$50/$155* – 80 Minutes

*Weekend Pricing


Focused area treatment for the back, neck and shoulders.

$95/$105* – 25 Minutes



To be enjoyed with a friend or loved one, as together you experience the best in soothing relaxation.  Unite the body, mind, and spirit, as skillful hands provide various massage combinations for a special treatment of tranquil bliss.

$235/$255 – 50 Minutes


Enjoy our luxury body scrub that lifts the veil of illness and dryness to your body by restoring hydrated silkiness to your skin and leaving it with a fresh glow.

$125/$145* – 50 Minutes


Includes double cleanse, tone, facial massage, customized mask, moisturizer and SPF. This is great for all skin types. Perfect for those who may be pressed for time but need to rejuvenate the skin.

$85/$105* – 30 Minutes


Includes double cleanse, skin analysis, tone, detoxifying steam, exfoliation, facial massage, a Strawberry Rhubarb hyaluronic acid mask, moisturizer and SPF. This facial offer hydration, relaxation and nourishment to skin with immediate results.

$125/$145* – 50 Minutes

$160/$180* – 80 Minutes


Includes double cleanse, skin analysis, tone, detoxifying steam, exfoliation using our Artic Berry enzyme treatment, hot towels, facial massage, customized mask, hand and shoulder massage, moisturizer and SPF. This facial provides deep exfoliation, deep cleansing, while balances the skin’s pH to achieve a healthy, balanced glow. 

$140/$160* – 50 Minutes

$175/$195* – 80 Minutes


Includes everything the Springhouse facial has to offer plus 10mins of LED light therapy. Perfect for dry, dehydrated, or mature skin, all products have advanced ingredients to help plump the skin and offer nourishment. All products used contain blueberries rich in antioxidants and papaya to stimulate cell turnover. **face will be red for an hour post treatment.

$150/$170* – 50 Minutes


Includes double cleanse, skin analysis, tone, detoxifying steam, exfoliation using our microdermabrasion machine to gently remove dead skin cells. A hydrating and brightening mask containing licorice root to follow, then moisturizer and SPF. This is a luxurious treatment perfect for uneven, acne scarring or aging skin.

$150/$170* – 50 Minutes


Includes deep pore cleansing, hot towels, exfoliation, facial massage, customized mask, moisturizer and SPF. This facial will help hydrate and repair skin that can be damaged by daily shaving, dullness, aging, and environmental impact of both city and outdoor living.

$125/$145* – 50 Minutes

$160/$180* – 80 Minutes


This facial is perfect for those who want vitality restored in their skin. Using Eminence Organics eight greens mask, your skin will be restored and vibrant by the end of your treatment. **face will be red for up to an hour post treatment.

$125/$145* – 50 Minute

$160/$180* – 80 Minute


This is a painless method of exfoliation that removes the top layer of dead skin cells and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). It is a quick procedure with few adverse effects, a great treatment to be combined with other facial treatments. It is most often used on skin that can be rough, dry, have fine lines and wrinkles, or superficial hyperpigmentation.



This gently exfoliates with micronized crystals while vacuuming the dead skin cells away. This technique leaves the topmost layer of skin looking supple and vibrant. It will promote the growth of healthy new skin cells and collagen. It can be combined with most treatments, consult your esthetician.



*Does not add time to service, enhances existing service. Add-on’s are better suited for longer services

  • Aromatherapy Sinus Relief
  • Honey Heel Glaze with Foot Scrub (Salt or Sugar)
  • Scalp Massage
  • Back or Foot Scrub (Salt or Sugar)
  • Reflexology
  • Menthol Pain Relief (CBD or Biofreeze)
  • Hot Stone Samples


A seated, luxurious and ergonomic massage chair experience* focusing on the upper torso, shoulders and neck. This sensorial massage experience incorporates soothing essential oil aromatherapy and an ambient soundscape aimed at relieving muscle tension while stimulating blood circulation for benefit of the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, immune, and muscular systems. 

$20 - 20 Minutes 

$30 - 30 Minutes

*The Springhouse Seated Sensory massage is performed by luxury 
massage chair technology. 

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For your convenience, a 20% spa gratuity will be applied at check-out.

* Weekend Pricing (Friday & Saturday)