Pursell Family of Artists

The creative arts are woven into the fabric of the farm and there are many ways to experience it while you are here. The Pursell and Spanjer family of artists have cumulatively spent over 80 years developing and fine-tuning their artistic talents. Their art spans a wide variety of mediums and substrates from pencil and EBONY to high quality oils and acrylics to Rust-Oleum and pine canvases. The combination of this collection of media highlights just how unique and diverse their talents and subject matter are. We hope you enjoy experiencing the art that the family has produced over the years.

Below are pages for each of the artists! Click image to see art.
We look forward to seeing you at the farm soon.

David Pursell
Portrait Artist

David is known for is fine art pencil drawings of legendary golfers many of which may be found here at the farm at the Butler Cabin (Augusta National) and the Clubhouse at Saint Andrews.

Vaughan Pursell Spanjer
Pursell Farms Resident Artist

Vaughan Spanjer, fashion designer-turned-artist, is a Sylacauga, Alabama native best known for her iconic sheep note cards and fine art featured in boutiques throughout the Southeast.

Tim Spanjer
Art Of Spanjer – Pop Artist

Tim creates large format Pop Art pieces as well as his own “Cerealism” mosaics—images formed with intricately cut slices of cereal boxes. His work is characterized as Fine Art Done Boldly.