Corporate Retreats: The New and Updated Guide to Hosting Events Your Whole Company Will Love

When it comes to planning your company’s annual meetings and other events, do not underestimate the power of a unique and successful corporate retreat to bring out the best in everyone. Getting your employees, management, and remote co-workers together so that they can share experiences and form a bond will ultimately strengthen your organization and provide a better working relationship for team members.

Since nothing beats a warm handshake, friendly smile, or shared experience when it comes to team building, planning the perfect, inspirational company retreat is a great way to reinforce your company’s goals and continue to work towards your shared mission.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Corporate Retreat for Your Team

There are many different reasons corporate retreats are important for the success of a company. And with today’s popular new practice of having remote hybrid work options, the need to meet in person throughout the year is growing more than ever before. Here are the most popular reasons companies are choosing to meet in person for corporate retreats.

Traditional Corporate Event Themes Include:

  • In-Person Get-together for Your Hybrid/Remote Team – When most of your employees work remotely, it is important to plan in-person events for your hybrid remote team to meet and get to know each other. This helps build teamwork and relationships that will help them communicate better and succeed in the workplace.
  • Company Annual Planning Meeting – Since your company may only get the chance to meet once each year, it is important to choose a venue that allows you to focus on building culture. This will allow you to spotlight teamwork so that you can concentrate on the company goals and mission statement.
  • Corporate Production Ideation – Nothing inspires creativity and team brainstorming sessions more than a well-planned corporate retreat designed to unite and motivate employees. Choose the perfect relaxing venue for the best success in strategizing and producing corporate ideas.
  • Motivational Company Retreat – When your team works hard, reward them. Say thank you with a unique corporate retreat experience for them all to share and that everyone will enjoy and appreciate.

No matter what the reason for planning a corporate event getaway, here are some tips to help you end those Zoom calls and plan a variety of different in-person company retreats to motivate and reward your team.

How to Plan Successful Company Retreats the Whole Team Will Love

First, the best company retreat should include the perfect amount of business and pleasure. Next…it should definitely be held somewhere unique and relaxing. Opportunities for fun onsite activities in addition to work related events are a bonus. This will help motivate and inspire team members – which is exactly the point of the corporate retreat!

10 Things to Consider When Planning the Perfect Corporate Event

  1. Company Goals – When planning events for your hybrid remote team, there are many things to consider. First, think about your company’s goals and what you want to accomplish. For example, since the goal of most corporate retreats is usually to help connect teams and make lasting connections, it is important to plan activities that encourage bonding and team interaction over the two-to-three-day event. Ensure that your activities and venue match your goals and make them easy to achieve.
  2. When to Meet – Decide what time of year will work best for you and your team. Obviously, the months around any major holiday would probably not be the best time to plan hybrid/remote team meetups and other corporate events. Also, consider your company’s busiest time and avoid scheduling events that may cause issues for your business.
  3. Employee Notice – Be sure to give retreat attendees plenty of notice to prepare for the corporate getaway. Just as you have to plan the event, they have to schedule things in their life including childcare, travel transportation, pet sitters, etc. If possible, let them know about the corporate retreat at least three months in advance so they have everything set and are ready to go!
  4. Location, Location, Location – Consider a location for your corporate retreat that offers an easy travel destination, has a mild climate, and is very visitor-friendly. Choosing an easily accessible city will help to ensure easy arrival and also allows plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the local amenities, bond, discover, and explore.
  5. Adequate Technology – Even rustic retreat locations must have the necessary technology to ensure your meeting is well-connected. Make sure the venue has reliable internet, conference calling capabilities, cell phone service, and other technical capabilities that meet the specs of your AV and presentation needs.
  6. Book Early – Booking early for any travel-related plans is always a good idea. Not only do the best event venues fill up quickly, but you can often get better deals if you book your accommodations, venue, and other services for your corporate retreat months and even a year in advance.
  7. Package Deals – Event plans that offer inclusive packages are the best way to reduce costs as well as event organizing-related stress! Search for venues that have packages that include things like catering, transfers, planned excursions, onsite amenities, accommodations, and meeting facilities so that you have just one main point of contact for planning purposes…and where you don’t have to leave the property for business or pleasure.
  8. The Perfect Venue – Once you have your goals and date set, it is time to choose a venue for the event. While it is not always easy to make everyone happy when it comes to planning events of any kind, you can be assured that the same old boring hotel conference room just is not going to cut it for your corporate retreat. It does not provide motivation or much of a reward at all. Look for event spaces that offer packages that include everything you need for a perfect work and play weekend!
  9. Plan for Team Building – Corporate retreats are meant to bring employees together. Consider experiences that connect people in new ways. Your planning should include structured and unstructured team-building opportunities. Popular ideas include Team Olympics where everyone is on a random team where they will create a name and team flag. They then work together to compete in various customized activities. A scavenger hunt is another great way for people to bond. Again, separated into teams, guests will search the property for items relating to the culture of your company, often ending at a party or cocktail hour to mingle.
  10. Consider the Weather – Plan your corporate retreat when the weather permits easy travel and accessibility to the venue and surrounding area. Avoid planning a ski weekend when dangerous blizzard conditions may prohibit travel or an island getaway during hurricane season. Be sure to do your research on your event location to ensure an enjoyable trip experience for everyone.

Important Must-Ask Questions When Planning Your Corporate Retreat

When planning the perfect company retreat, the success is truly in the details. It is smart to ask all of the right questions in advance so that your event is sure to be one that everyone enjoys. Savvy corporate event planners know it is best to begin with the 5 “W’s” of Event Planning to get started, which will answer all of the main concerns and give you and your venue team a good place to get started with the party planning.

5 “W’s” of Event Planning

  1. Who – Who will be attending your event(s)? Employees, management, remote workers, families, etc.
  2. What – What is the main purpose of planning this retreat? Team motivation, annual meeting, corporate production ideation, etc.
  3. When – When will the event take place? What time of the year, what date, what corporate season, etc.
  4. Where – Where will the event be held? From a general city or area to the specific venue – the location is crucial for the theme of the event.
  5. Why – Why are you gathering and what is the goal of the weekend retreat? Planned events should relate to the core reason why you are meeting.

In addition to these five crucial questions, here are some other questions you should ask when planning a special corporate retreat for your organization.

Must-Ask Questions for Your Corporate Event Planning Checklist

How Many People Will the Venue Accommodate?

In order for a venue to be a good fit, it must comfortably fit all of your guests. The comfort and safety of the people at your retreat is top priority. Make sure there are enough guest rooms for each guest as well as appropriate meeting spaces for every event/class/meeting/party you want to include in the weekend retreat. Taking an in-person or virtual picture tour of an event venue property can help you get a feel for the space and whether it will work for your needs.

What Will It Cost to Host My Retreat?

No matter how great a corporate meeting space is; if it is not in your budget – it simply won’t work. Be sure to know the limits of your budget to ensure the venue will work with what you have to spend.

What is Included in the Event Package?

 Is the event package all-inclusive or are there additional services you will need to arrange? From dining options and meeting tech crews to an event planning host and guest rooms – knowing everything included in any event packages booked is crucial for proper planning.

What Are Guest Transportation Options?

 Are transportation services provided for guests arriving and departing the venue from the airport or to entertainment options offsite? Also be sure to ask about the best way to arrive from your location such as the nearest airport, car service, or train route.

How Will the Event Be Run?

 An important corporate event planning question is how the event will be run. This includes a variety of details from décor, entertainment, and scheduled events to guest speakers, technology presentations, and feeding the guests – success is in the details of knowing how everything works and who is responsible for what.

What Are Your Audio/Video Capabilities?

From speakers and projectors to wireless microphones, and flat-screen TV’s, be sure to inquire about the venue’s ability to accommodate all of your A/V technology needs for your corporate event. This includes everything needed for a professional business presentation, lecture, workshop, or awards ceremony.

Do You Have Accessibility for Disabled Guests? 

When planning your corporate event, ensure that there is easy accessibility for your disabled guests. Booking an ADA-compliant venue with plenty of elevators, ramps, and restrooms that offer easy access is key to properly accommodating everyone.

What Onsite/Nearby Activities Are Available?

Many event venues offer onsite activities and amenities for guests, which is a super-convenient option to take advantage of. Also, inquire about any local landmarks or “must-do” activities for the team to participate in. Seek out well-appointed corporate event venues that offer team-building activities for company guests, which is an added bonus for your event attendees. From a group golf outing to a relaxing afternoon in the spa – nothing brings a team together like mixing a little pleasure with business during their corporate retreat.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Venue – Think Outside the Boring Conference Room Box

Gone are the days of boring corporate events that everyone dreads attending. Today’s savvy corporate event planners know that you have to get out of the conference room to inspire and motivate your team. Welcome to your new Corporate Retreat!

Planning a corporate retreat that everyone will enjoy is the way to inspire and impress your team. Think outside the traditional, boring meeting room and explore venues that offer everything you could want and need onsite in one convenient location.

Plan a perfect escape from the daily office grind and spotlight beautiful rural locations loaded with amenities and plenty of opportunities for both business and pleasure for everyone.

To make planning easier and provide the ultimate experience for your team, consider an all-inclusive venue that offers everything in one place. From accommodations and activities to catering and innovative technology – onsite amenities are the key to a successful meeting weekend. This is the best, most affordable and stress-free way to host a company event everyone will truly enjoy.

When you choose an event venue where everything is located onsite, everything is just so convenient! A large corporate event space with plenty of room to spread out, onsite urban amenities, and an atmosphere that fosters creativity and promotes productivity is truly a win-win situation for everyone.

Convenient Onsite Amenities to Look for in a Corporate Event Venue

  • Onsite Golf Course
  • Yoga and Other Exercise Classes
  • Creative Team Building Activities
  • Walking trails
  • Lodges for Guest Accommodations
  • Innovative Technology for Exceptional Presentations
  • Catering or Onsite Restaurants and Dining Options
  • Nearby Outdoor Activities Like Hunting, Fishing, Clay Shooting
  • Onsite Day Spa
  • Biking
  • Onsite swimming pool
  • Day Spa

…and more!

Are You Ready to Plan the Perfect Corporate Retreat?

Come explore the options for the perfect corporate retreat everyone will love at Pursell Farms. Centrally located near Birmingham, AL, this expansive 3,200-acre property is easily accessible yet feels worlds away from it all.

Providing the perfect backdrop for a one-of-a-kind corporate retreat your team won’t soon forget, Pursell Farms has everything you need (and want) in one convenient, breathtaking location.

Your team will immediately know they are somewhere special the moment they arrive at Pursell Farms…and it just gets better each day! Choose from a variety of meeting and event spaces that can be customized to fit your needs.

Why Pursell Farms is the Perfect Spot for Your Next Corporate Retreat

From the impeccable culinary options, friendly staff, and charming accommodations to the unique and creative team building activities, superior onsite amenities, and back-to-nature surroundings – Pursell Farms is the perfect place for your corporate events. Guests enjoy:

Charming Accommodations 

There is no shortage of comfort when it comes to the choices of accommodations at Pursell Farms. Choose from the beautiful Inn on the golf course, three well-appointed cottages, four pet-friendly cabins, as well as the Parker Lodge, Orvis Farmhouse, and Historic Hamilton Place. Each has their own unique features and elegant charm that all guests are sure to enjoy.

Safe and Healthy Environment 

Pursell Farms takes the health and safety of our guests very seriously. You and your guests can rest easy knowing that our team is extra vigilant in ensuring that all health and safety standards are not only met but exceeded.

Multiple Unique Meeting Spaces 

At Pursell Farms, we offer a variety of unique meeting spaces to accommodate your retreat needs, goals, and theme. From small intimate groups to corporate gatherings of up to 400 guests, we have the perfect space for everyone. Choose from John Piney’s Barn with an atrium and presentation theater, the Hamilton Place Ballroom with a sun porch and terrace, the Old Hickory Meeting Room for quaint gatherings, and the Parker Lodge Conference Room with lake and golf course views and two well-equipped conference rooms that are perfect for breakout sessions. In addition, all of our meeting spaces offer seating configurations of any kind including boardroom, classroom, and banquet/reception options.

Innovative Technology for Exceptional Presentations 

Pursell Farms is the perfect high-tech meeting place for your corporate event. Our rural nature filled property turns into a high-tech top of the line meeting facility for all of your presentation and event needs in the blink of an eye. We provide all of the high-tech meeting equipment you need. We feature:

  • Touch-screen A/V Controls
  • Plasma Screen Televisions
  • Laptop Connections
  • Wireless Internet
  • Telephone and Video Conferencing
  • Microphones
  • Dropdown Projector Screen
  • …and more!

Creative Outdoor Team Building Activities 

If you are looking for unique and fun team-building activities, Pursell Farms is second to none. Our onsite activities are the perfect way to relax, unwind, and bond with your co-workers as you enjoy activities like golf, fishing, shooting, and cooking classes. In addition to these great team-building exercises, there are other fun onsite activities for guests including a spa, UTV experiences, yoga, history tours, sunset viewing parties, shopping, and more! In fact, many clients don’t even leave the property at all during their corporate retreat because everything they need is right here at Pursell Farms!

Onsite Food and Drink

Eat, drink and be merry during your corporate retreat at Pursell Farms with our delicious on-site catering and onsite dining options. We offer an extensive menu featuring locally grown, seasonal produce with menu options to meet a variety of dietary needs. Guests can also enjoy our three onsite restaurants which include farm-fresh fare from Arrington, chef-inspired selections from Old Tom’s Pub, and a quick bite for breakfast or lunch before hitting the greens at the Clubhouse Grille.

Unique venues like Pursell Farms offer a variety of services and amenities to choose from while providing your guests with the ideal place for a corporate retreat getaway. We offer a creative planning space that helps you build team morale and offers an unforgettable experience that your group will appreciate. When you want to make your corporate event a true retreat, Pursell Farms is the affordable, enjoyable, solution you’re looking for.

Book Your Corporate Retreat Today!

Contact the experienced team at Pursell Farms today to learn more about the amazing opportunities and package deals for your next corporate retreat. We are here to help you plan a unique and inspiring corporate event that will be the talk of the company for years to come.

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