In the South, barn weddings are a big thing. They speak of the deep connections that people here have with the land, animals, and traditions that make the South what it is. If ever you’ve been to the South, or happen to be fortunate enough to be from here, then you know that in the South, we do things a bit differently. It’s all part of southern hospitality and a whole lot of southern charm.

Which is why the idea of having a luxury wedding in a barn is completely a thing here in Alabama. If anything, a barn wedding represents the epitome of relaxed luxury. A rustic barn wedding in a glorious setting, with songbirds calling in the morning… What could be more luxurious?

It all comes down to choosing the right details and the right location. So if you’re leaning toward having a luxury barn wedding, here are eight tips for making it a grand affair!

1. Play Up the Wood at a Luxury Barn Wedding

When it comes to building materials, few say luxury quite like hardwood does, according to architect André Fu. And did you know that half of all standing wood in Alabama is hardwood? That’s according to Alabama A&M University. Alabama has about 200 native species of hardwoods.

That means that many barn weddings in Alabama have the hardwood luxury factor built into them. Play up the hardwood of your barn wedding by creating either a floral arch or colorful wreaths or light it up with fairy lights.

2. Let the World Shine In at Your Luxury Destination Wedding

Southern weddings in Alabama, particularly during the warmer months, mean plenty of sunshine and fresh air. That means you have the option of doing an indoor/ outdoor wedding and reception if you hold a barn wedding.

One of the big factors in luxury weddings in Alabama is attention to detail, and boy, can you get some stunning natural details at an outdoor wedding. Imagine a wedding at dusk, with the crickets singing or in the evening under the stars, followed by a five-course meal in a barn lit by the glow of candlelight. It’s indoor/ outdoor luxury at its finest.

3. Create an Outdoor Lounge and Luncheon Area

Many southern weddings include an informal bridal luncheon which happens the day before the wedding. If your venue organizers agree to this, then make the barn the backdrop for an outdoor lounge and luncheon area. Rent an eclectic blend of furniture, like wicker chairs, hardwood tables, and long benches or couches and arrange them in front of the barn. Serve lunch here.

Once this catered lunch is done, leave the lounge area to be used during the wedding and reception. The lounge chairs, the couches, and benches, as well as the use of some fine china and linen napkins add an air of relaxed luxury to this barn wedding setting.

4. Try Bench Seating With Floral Arrangements at the End

Simple wood benches create clean visual lines at your wedding and work well with the vibe of the rustic wedding. If you opt for bench seating and want to create a look of relaxed luxury, then try adding floral arrangements at each end of each bench. Individual pillows covered with pretty silk or polished cotton fabric make sitting more comfortable and add a hint of understated luxury to your destination wedding.

5. Light Up the Paths With Lanterns

The glow of lanterns is a bit reminiscent of the soft glow of fireflies on a summer evening. If your luxury wedding festivities extend on into the evening, then create glowing walkways lit by lantern light.

The lanterns fit with both the rustic and the luxury motif of your wedding because lanterns are typically associated with the outdoors and camping, while the glow of natural light is something that you expect from tapered candles and other luxury touches.

6. Utilize Draped Luxury

One of the elements that adds to the rustic feel of a barn wedding is all the straight lines and hardwood. You can soften the look and add a touch of luxury at the same time by hanging draped fabric from the rafters, around any support poles, and on the walls.

Add an additional lighting element by hiding some fairy lights behind the fabric that hangs from the rafters. The fabric will mute the fairy lights, creating a soft, elegant glow in the barn.

7. Build Tables From Wooden Wine Barrels

Wine barrels have many connotations. While their wooded exterior definitely speaks of a more rustic vibe, they also have an association with the elegant wine cellars of Europe. As such, they make nice, yet subtle additions to a luxury barn wedding.

Use them to good effect by grouping several of them together and topping them with hardwood planks to create buffets for the food. Or if you have some round pieces of wood, create individual tables in the bar area of the reception.

8. Choose the Right Venue

When you’re going for a relaxed luxury feeling for your barn wedding, the barn represents the relaxed, rustic portion of the equation. The surrounding grounds allow you to play up the luxury element.

As such, you want to look for a venue that has stunningly beautiful grounds with lots of naturally beautiful features like

  • Stunning water features
  • Fragrant flower beds
  • Masterful stone features
  • Flowing grasses
  • Flower-lined walkways
  • Mature trees
  • Walking paths
  • Etc.

The key to making this one for the books is to work with the rustic beauty of the barn with the natural beauty surrounding the structure. Luxury not only implies tasteful elegance, but also expansiveness. A venue with expansive, well-kept grounds is a subtle nod to understated luxury.

Final Words on Creating a Luxury Barn Wedding

Southern destination weddings epitomize both relaxed elegance and rustic charm, and there is no better place to see this principle in action than in the southern destination barn wedding. The key to making a barn wedding a luxury affair lies in choosing the right details and a venue that has flowing grounds that explode with beauty and understated luxury.

If you’re considering a luxury barn wedding, reach out to us at Pursell Farms for a proposal. We’d love to be a part of your luxury barn wedding.

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