2018 marked our first full year as an all-inclusive wedding destination, and it was a phenomenal year to say the least. We’re recapping some of the many exciting events, apart from the dozens of gorgeous weddings that took place in 2018.

Burying The Bourbon Works

We’re convinced the old southern superstition of burying a bottle of bourbon before the wedding actually works (if you aren’t familiar with this wedding tradition, read about it here). In 2018, we had exactly eight couples bury bourbon on the grounds, and guess what, no rain. Even when the forecast showed thunderstorms and heavy rain, by the time of the ceremony, the rain stopped, bypassed us completely, or the sun peeked out from behind the clouds just in the nick of time. Call it luck, but this tradition is still a fun, unique way for southern couples to showcase their southern heritage. Plus, no bourbon goes to waste. The bottle is dug up after the ceremony to be enjoyed with the wedding party.

Welcome Planners

Also, in 2018, we treated several Birmingham, Montgomery, and Atlanta-based wedding planners for some R&R at Pursell Farms while helping them become more familiar with all Hamilton Place offers as a wedding weekend destination. It was a joy to host each of these planners. When they work as hard as they do, they need to play (and relax) harder. These weekends started off with champagne and welcome gifts upon arrival, tours of the property, exclusive private-chef dinners, late-night desserts, and of course, a thrilling mountain tour on our John Deere ultra-terrain vehicles. We even had the chance to work with many of these incredible planners throughout the year for some very special weddings at Hamilton Place. Thank you to ALL the amazing planners we have had the privilege of working with in 2018, and we look forward to working alongside you in 2019!

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