It’s said about real estate, and it should be said about weddings too: location, location, location.

A wedding venue isn’t just a place to take photographs, say your vows, and party afterward. The surroundings of your wedding are an expression of how you see yourself, your partner, and the future of your commitment to one another. Wedding venues are the first and one of the most personal choices engaged couples have to make when planning their wedding.

Of course, many other factors come into play when choosing a wedding venue. Soon-to-be-married couples must consider their budget, how many guests they want to accommodate, what kind of theme they want to project, and what food and drink different locations offer. Additionally, young couples may face pressure from parents to hold their wedding at a venue with close ties to the family — such as a country club.

Country Club Wedding Venues

On average, a couple spends about half of their wedding budget on the venue. With the average cost of a wedding in Alabama being over $25,000, that’s a huge chunk of money. Country Clubs are a popular choice when looking for an upscale wedding venue, but some alternatives can save couples money while maintaining an upscale environment and providing a unique, unimagined experience.

The choice is yours to make, and you should know the pros and cons of country club wedding venues before you make it.

The Pros of Country Club Wedding Venues

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One of the most commonly cited reasons for a country club wedding is the convenience of having an all-in-one package. Country clubs provide beautiful scenery for memorable wedding photos as well as elegant indoor spaces. These spaces are also used to accommodating large gatherings, and because all events are taking place in one space, figuring out how to transport guests between venues is alleviated.

Country club wedding venues also offer simplicity. It isn’t easy juggling all the moving pieces of dining and cake arrangements, decor, food and beverage service, and entertainment. Country clubs are used to hosting events like weddings, so they are prepared with options, and couples don’t have to worry about dealing with various bills to multiple vendors.

Day-of accommodations are also important. A lot of time with be spent in the bridal suite before the ceremony, and it’s important for brides to feel comfortable while they await the ceremony. Country clubs typically have spacious and elegant bridal suites readily available.

And finally, one of the biggest pros of country club wedding venues is the food. Country clubs have upscale restaurant service running year-round, and as a result, they tend to have a comprehensive list of options for feeding your guests. The food quality varies from club to club, but the consensus is that the food is most often quite superb.

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The Cons of Country Club Wedding Venues

The first con of country club wedding venues is likely unsurprising; they’re expensive! Yes, much is included with the hefty price, but there is still a significant premium to be paid. Things like your decor budget may increase due to you having to decorate such a large space. They may be beautiful, but there are many choices for affordable wedding venues that are equally gorgeous.

Country clubs also tend to have strict rules that may hinder parts of your ceremony. Some country clubs don’t allow the lighting of candles or have rules regarding lighting equipment and sound levels due to not wanting to disturb others using the club at the same time.

Speaking of others using the club at the same time — country clubs can be impersonal. Country clubs are big business, and weddings are not all they rely on for revenue. On any given weekend — especially during a busy time of year — there may be multiple events happening at your club of choice. This makes it feel as though your wedding is just one of many in a long factory line.

Country club wedding venues also leave something to be desired when it comes to uniqueness. Sure, they’re beautiful, but who remembers the stunning view of the 9th hole when they look back on their wedding day? There’s no question that outdoor wedding venues offer a truly memorable experience. But when you close your eyes and look back on this special day, do you want to see yourself surrounded by tee-off boxes or by the stunning beauty of the southern countryside?

An Upscale Wedding Venue of Southern Dreams

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Pursell Farms is proud to offer multiple unique options for weddings. We created our premier wedding venue, Hamilton Place, specifically with the couple in mind. Hamilton Place is a restored home from 1852 that offers you a beautiful, historic venue to share your vows with friends and family in an unforgettable way. Moreover, John Piney’s Barn offers a romantically intimate space with gorgeous views of the Appalachian Mountain foothills.

Pursell Farms also offers luxury accommodation, an award-winning golf course, UTV experiences, a spa, and so much more! Request a proposal to start the next stage of your marriage journey.Your Dream Wedding Awaits...request a proposal today.

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