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From our Farm to your Fork!

Welcome to The Farm. We are a family owned and operated farm priding ourselves on raising farm fresh produce, naturally grown fruits, wildflower honey and grass-fed meats. We want you to become a part of our family by enjoying this plentiful bounty! You can enjoy all that we offer by becoming a member of our “Friends of The Farm” CSA Shares program (Community Supported Agriculture), or by visiting us here and purchasing directly from The Farm.

As you expand your culinary appreciation through our farm-to-fork dining experience, you’ll enjoy some of our favorite family recipes, passed down through generations. Whether you are here for a corporate meeting, weekend getaway or round of golf, you’ll delight in a variety of southern culinary experiences. In addition to clubhouse dining, we offer private chef and multi-course dinners in the comfort of your cottage or lodge accommodations.


Our Mission

To deliver to our family and yours the freshest, natural products available. All of our animals are pasture raised and given no antibiotics or hormones. Our beef is aged, butchered and all meats are ADA inspected. The meat is then packed and sealed in clear plastic, labeled and flash frozen.

What We Offer

Fresh naturally grown fruits and vegetables, wildflower honey, Berkshire pork, 100% grass-fed Black Angus beef and free range brown chicken eggs.

Our Current Offerings

  • Pursell Farms Eggs for Sale. $5 per dozen


  • Pursell Farms Wild Flower Honey – $10 per 6oz. jar


  • Pork Cuts available – pricing below


The Berkshire pork that we produce is all pasture raised. Our pigs are grass-fed as part of their diet. Pursell Farms pigs are slaughtered when they reach the weight of 400 lbs. (or 13 months old). We take back a third of unusable cuts.

Here is a list of the current pork cuts available to purchase (click the BLUE brochure button in the upper right for a copy of our Farm to Fork brochure).

  • Mild Sausage – $5
  • Hot Cased Sausage – $6
  • Thick Cut Bacon – $8
  • Spare Ribs – $15
  • Babyback Ribs – $15
  • Lard – $4
  • Leaf Lard – $4
  • Whole Hams – $35.00
  • Grass fed Hamburger in one lb. packages – $8.00

Purchase Your Meat On The Hoof

Full 100% Black Angus Steer

  • Whole beef $2,000.00, approximately 1,000 pounds on the hoof.
  • Receive 300 pounds of meat.  
  • Sale price includes the cost of the animal, slaughter and processing fees, and delivery of the meat.
  • Reserve your animal by making a down payment of $1,100.00.  You decide how you want the animal butchered and we instruct the butcher on your behalf.  
  • Pursell Farms will deliver the meat to you and pick up a remaining balance of  $1,100.00. 
  • Carcass does not have to be inspected since it is a custom kill. 
  • All of our steers are grass fed, no hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids and are non-GMO.
  • Reserve your animal today!

Full Berkshire Stock Hogs

  • Whole pork $900.00, approximately 400 pounds on the hoof.
  • Receive 175 pounds of meat.  
  • Reserve your animal by making a down payment of $500.00.  You decide how you want the animal butchered and we instruct the butcher on your behalf.
  • You own the hog while in our possession 
  • Given a diet consisting of table scraps, bagged feed and pasture grass
  • Receive NO Antibiotics
  • Receive NO Hormones
  • No Stress and “Humanly” Raised
  • Are non GMO
  • ADA Inspected

Reserve your hog now for the Fall of 2017.  Animal is approximately one year old.  These hogs come from registered Berkshire stock.  The animal is slaughtered and processed how you would like it. Contact John Wesson with the contact information provided on this page.

Where To Purchase

Pursell Farms (please call before you come)
386 Talladega Springs Rd
Sylacauga, AL 35151

Master Gardener John Wesson:

For “Friend of the Farm Packages”* contact John directly
* Friend of the farm packages are made up of farm fresh offerings either hand selected by John or chosen by you through the program.


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